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  1. Captain Suicide

    What do you main?

    I mostly main as Soldier. Got a Black Box, Strange Concheror, and Strange Equalizer combo running. Health gain for days! During Control Point games, I'll run around as Pyro with a Degreaser, Scorch Shot, and a Powerjack for the speed boost. During Payload matches, I'll primary Heavy with a Strange Hou-Long Heater, a Sandvich, and Strange Apoco-Fists. During Attack/Defend matches, I'll go Engie and set up camp at the last capture point of the map, armed with a Civic Duty shotgun, Hickory Hole-Puncher pistol, and the Gunslinger for the health boost.
  2. Captain Suicide

    What Makes You Cringe In TF2?

    A short list of Cringe-worthy things (In my opinion). -F2P. Literally, these are the most annoying types of players to me. They run around being a general nuance in-game, not knowing the first thing of what to do. Yeah, I get it they're new and so was I at some point. But I think there are some cases where people should watch some YouTube videos about the gameplay before diving in. -Phlog Pyros. By far, the Phlog is the most broken, easy to use weapon primary for Pyro. All you do is run around, build up your bar, and bam! Free crits for you. It's even worse when a F2P Pyro uses the Phlog and thinks they're God reincarnate. The chat messages I've seen of 9-year old kids trying their best to trash talk a team of TF2 veterans are cringe worthy in of themselves. -People who need to use hacks like AimBot to play the game. Seriously? You're going to cheat you lazy son of a bitch? Mother fucker this is a game of skill and reflexes, not a game of sit back and let a bot take care of your game for you. I can't tell you how many time's I've been a Spy, disguised, getting ready to backstab a Sniper, and they pull a 180 degree turn and no-scope me at point-blank range. You didn't even see me coming. How did you- Oh, I know. HACKS and CHEATS.
  3. Captain Suicide

    War Thunder!

    "Friendly Community." "Tons of Squadrons." Dude, you're funny. As far as I can tell, neither one of those things exist within the community of the game. Have you seen the DevBlog discussions or the forums for War Thunder in general? They're a literal minefield, lol. But as for Squadrons, I fly solo so I don't even bother with those.
  4. Captain Suicide

    Gamer tags

    Xbox One/360: FUBAR1138 Steam: -=312th=- Captain Suicide (or drunkenzombies. Idk which one you look up.) War Thunder: The_Brony_Ace (And I live up to the name...sometimes...)
  5. Captain Suicide

    Yeah, I'm Lazy

    Hey guys. Does anyone have cosmetics for Soldier that they aren't using? Oh, and uh...can I have them for free? I just went broke as far as metal goes. I honestly don't see anyone agreeing to this post actually, lol
  6. Captain Suicide

    S5 Episode 16 - Discussion

    I was honestly hoping for them to call out the name of the neighborhood to be in to be something like Bucklyn (Brooklyn) or something like that. Or that's my inner Fallout: Equestria geek shining through, lol.
  7. Captain Suicide

    Look lively Maggots!!

    -7th Brigade? That sounds like an unfortunate brigade to be apart of.
  8. Captain Suicide

    Look lively Maggots!!

    It really does, lol.
  9. Captain Suicide

    Look lively Maggots!!

    Attention to all Equestrian Gamers; this is your Commanding Officer reporting. I am Captain Suicide of the 312th Fragger Brigade, and it is a pleasure to meet you all. My name in real life is Harrison, but in the MLP universe, it's Timeless Toaster; so call me which one you like. I play both PC and Xbox One. On Steam just look for -=312th=-Captain Suicide, and on Xbox, look up FUBAR1138. Games I play include Halo, Battlefield 4, Team Fortress 2, War Thunder and Minecraft. If you're interested in joining my Steam group, look up the 312th Fragger Brigade. Once accepted into the group, add the -=312=- in front of your name. I swear I can sound more pleasant, I'm a very nice person, but it's 8:30 in the morning for me and my coffee hasn't kicked in yet. So I do apologize for the aristocratic sounding attitude in this post. Anyway, nice to meet you all! Let's get Fragging.