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  1. There is a good reason why most cartoons do not have live event shows. I recently decided to take on one of the most dreaded things to ever emerge from the My Little Pony franchise: The World's Biggest Tea Party. After years of putting off this review I finally tackle the horse in the room. if you enjoy watching someone suffer and scream a lot about asinine pony productions, I suggest you give this a watch. (Warning: Language not for little ears.) Filly Film Reviews: World's Biggest Tea Party
  2. Filly Film Features reviewed the My Little Pony movie. You can see it here:
  3. I am a longtime fan who has been around the block more than once. I am a plushie maker and videographer, among other things (my other exploits are a matter of national security). Roseluck is best pony with Maud and Twilight close behind (although Maud is my spirit animal). I would say I am the biggest Roseluck fan but I highly doubt anybody would try to depose me. Having that title is like winning ten cents in the lottery. One time I made Ingrid Nilson cry because I gave her a plushie in Minneapolis. She later gave it to the charity auction and signed another Maud plushie of mine for me for free. In Milwaukee I learned that Andrea Libman's language rating changes when she is away from the public. It took me a while to recover after hearing such terse words come from such a sweet lady who sounds like Pinkie Pie in her normal voice. Here is a link to my plushies: https://millermademares.deviantart.com/ I guess I will share my YouTube channel since my old distribution method just collapsed (thanks Channel Awesome). There is some pony related stuff although I focus on other cartoons. If you want pony stuff my old lets play channel has more of that. Anybutt, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/FillyFilmFeatures
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    Misty Fly's Cutie Mark Question

    Thanks. I will be vending at Bronycon again this year. Just 100+ ponies and me.
  5. I am about to take on a commission for a Misty Fly plushie. I have looked around and cannot seem to find a cutie mark for her. Is there a canon cutie mark for her?
  6. Xsjado78

    Misty Fly's Cutie Mark Question

    Thanks for the help. I need a clean shot in order to make the embroidery work. In the meantime here is a link to my other work: https://millermademares.deviantart.com/
  7. Here is a review of the My Little Pony movie. I welcome your thoughts. https://youtu.be/fJy6TBEtRuw
  8. I have been away from the ponies for about two years. Which episodes do you think I need to see first? Looking for recommendations.
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    World's Biggest Tea Party Review

    You got some promise, but might I suggest you convert to a headset to eliminate the extra noise.
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    Let's Plays?

    What lets plays do you watch? Do any of you make a lets play? Who are your favorite and why do you like them? I am just rambling off questions now........Roseluck is best pony!!