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  1. Status update: this just in, local ponyvillian Azalea Floria had just experience, for the first time in her life... A heatstroke! Sources claim that she had been overworking in the farm with a severe fever and that she did not notice it, thinking it was her natural body heat. That's all for now on channel AzaBoops. (Seriously, losing consciousness against your will, AND suddenly, is not fun)

    1. Mr. X

      Mr. X


      (Seriously, losing consciousness against your will, AND suddenly, is not fun)


      Happened to me once -- evidently, me + Melatonin =/= computing.

    2. Frécinette


      Do you ever lose consciousness on your own though ?

    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Lack of energy got me to have tunnel vision and weak legs, but after a bit of vertigo I manage to stabilize and get some sugar in me, definitely not fun when you feel like you are hopeless to react to what feels like a bodily shutdown

  2. Azalea Floria

    Tools of the Trade

    @Soobel my god, your art....the eyes they...i cant look away from them, its so pretty and captivating.
  3. All you have to is take a cup of flour and add it to the mix. Then you take something sweet, not sour......


    *gasp* oh crud, I was supposed to add sugar, not vinegar...

    1. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      ...and that's how Jarate was made. :hurrr:

    2. Vin


      We all know how Jarate was made. :eyeroll:

      Also I hope that doesn't apply to all of your cooking skills, I ain't lookin' forward to a cupcake with vinegar.

    3. Skyrazer
  4. Azalea Floria

    MLP and Human Commissions!

    That one worked, thanks~! If youre not too busy with life, I'd like to pm you the details, gonna be 2 pictures.
  5. Azalea Floria

    MLP and Human Commissions!

    Dropping by here to say that the link to the deviant art doesn't work....well for me it doesn't, says page does not exist. Was interested in peeking the deviant art
  6. Hey there to you reading this, basically I've been using Desktop ponies for a little over a year. And well I've been getting kinda sick of having 'just' Applejack running around my screen, so I want to have my OC running around my screen instead! I also want some pretty 'unique' animations added so if there's someone out there who might willing to help... I'm offering at most $15(paypal) for this! Please~!
  7. What if... Instead of using meat slices in my sandwich....I USE CRAB FILLETS! Brilliant idea, me. Very brilliant!

    1. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      What, like a fish slapped in between two crabs?

    2. Stormugandr
    3. AaronMk


      Softshell crabs?

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  8. Azalea Floria

    kevins commissions NEW!+BADGES

    Mmmm...your art style is...unique, they look so chubby like the real life toys AND very cute. Is it alright if I commission you through Steam or a PM instead? (Im the type who rather likes to keep the commissioned art between myself and the artist)
  9. Don't you just love it when you crack an egg, and two yolks came out?

    1. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      I have yet to have that happen to me, one day I will know the feeling 

    2. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      But the yolks are the worst part of the egg...

    3. Azalea Floria

      Azalea Floria

      Not for me! I love the yolky yolk

  10. Azalea Floria

    Tiny Red Texan Hood

    A good ol classic fairy tale, exactly how I remember it
  11. Azalea Floria

    How much are you like/How did you create your OC?

    Boy, where do I begin...? My OC has taken many forms over the years, at first she was some voice in my head that had no form at all, she would always calm me down by making me think whenever I'm troubled or frustrated, afterwards she took form in the form of a Wolf, because I admired wolves. The lone ones especially, they do not have to rely on anyone, and has the strength and freedom to live in the wilds all on their own. But being the 10 year old that I was, I named her after my favorite flowers, Azalea. She was the one friend who truly understood what I went through life at the time. Somewhere along the way, I started liking something else; gems. I'm not one who is into Gemology or Archaeology or anything like that, I just grew to like how pretty gems were...Emeralds especially. Then when I found ponies in 2011 (I was 14 then), I made my own OC based on gems. Lariette Emeralds (horrible recolor btw) Lariette was, in the roleplay world, a Gemologist, and she was somebody I wished to become. Strong, Independent, easily able to make friends....but thanks to her I was able to make many friends, even found love. I communicated through her, put on a positive front because thats how Lariette would act and all. She turned my life around. We skip ahead 4 years later to when I was 18, I had quit most of my roleplaying and realized that after using her in so many roleplaying, I had...changed her, she had many names, roles in varying roleplays that I felt that she was no longer "original". To me the definition of that Is a character who is his or herself, and does not have multiple persona, even though they're fictional for roleplaying. And so I decided to take Lariette and completely redo her. I combined my two favorite things during that time. The Flower Azalea and the color vanilla/bright yellow. I also changed her main from Roseluck/Lyra/Amethyst/etc into a more original own~! And that is how Azalea Floria came to be, and up until today, she still shares 'everything' with me, and she still keeps me company in my thoughts Here's a picture of me, if anyone needs to compare the hair (my hair's tied back into a ponytail in this photo though)
  12. Azalea Floria

    Pick Theme Songs For Characters

    Bon Bon after seeing her "true identity" in Episode 100 (it just popped into my head)
  13. Azalea Floria

    Reporting in!

    Well, seeing as how no one's done it the official way, guess I'll have to be the one...*calls Pinkie*
  14. Azalea Floria

    Soldier's Dispenser Quest

    One Two The rest will come later I guess
  15. Whew, this profile is no longer dusty now~! look at all them shiny new infos. 

    (Oh and....the profile picture....that's an ice cream stick, okay~!)

  16. Azalea Floria

    RED Team's Usual Day

    Huh, so videos with a mild reference to sexual things like this one is apparently acceptable? I always try to avoid ones that are sexual in any way.
  17. Azalea Floria

    Bread Land

    Because this forum needs more bread, thats for sure!
  18. Azalea Floria

    Doctor Lalve's TF2 guides

    Because we all need to review the basics of each class in TF2, regardless of skill and experience~ This playlist only has 6 so far though.
  19. Indie Out (Inside Out originally) About the struggles in the daily life of a video game programmer who tries to compete in the world of Indie Gaming by creating a masterpiece, the most legendary Indie Game ever, Indie Out. (for one thing, I wouldn't mind watching this if it were done right) Did I do it right? been so long since I play forum pony games.
  20. Azalea Floria

    Drawing in pencil!

    Oh my gosh!! YES!! Flowers have been drawn in pencils!! my favorite flowers no less! One of my internet dreams have come true and its thanks to you~! thank you! (also yes, you got the cutie mark right~)
  21. Azalea Floria

    Drawing in pencil!

    *comes in carrying her own bar stool, sets it down and sits on it.* My good man, I come here to see flowers being drawn in pencil. Yes Flowers, FLOWERS~!! specifically Azaleas cuz they're my fave! take your pick...
  22. Azalea Floria

    Sona-Sundays(Free OC/Sona Drawings)

    Maybe a written description could work too, it did say on the OP that If you do not have a reference photo please leave a detailed physical description of them.
  23. You read the title right, you can get DiRT 3 for free right now.
  24. Azalea Floria

    Sona-Sundays(Free OC/Sona Drawings)

    What's this? Possible free art for my little flower girl?! *goes to prepare her and make her look cutesy to be drawn* Here she is! my flower! Azalea Floria!!