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    20% More Tylenol

    First of all, sorry in advance if this doesn't belong here, but I don't know where to put "random stuff". Also the language at 1:26 is my native language
  2. Dusty, old profile is dusty....ehh, too lazy to edit things...

    1. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Back and alive, after almost a year if not more, welcome back

    2. Azalea Floria

      Azalea Floria

      Mmm, yes, feels good to be back...although I'd still like to know where can I post all the "insanity videos" I like...Don't wanna trouble anyone having to move the post. Also Nanfoodle whatchu talkin' about? I was never attacked by rabid monkeys? ...Although the person who bought my house did die of random rabid attack....hmmm.

    3. Smugleaf The Smug

      Smugleaf The Smug

      woo. another old leaf. whah. everything is dusty. too lazy to clean.

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  3. Azalea Floria

    Sniper Tube

    I've left my mark, now i leave
  4. Azalea Floria


    Yes, I came back temporarily just to share gmod videos
  5. Azalea Floria

    Payday 2 with me please

    So, thanks to Toki, I finally managed to play Payday 2 with "DECENT" people. Having owned the game since it was in Beta, i have ALWAYS wanted to play it, unfortunately despite buying it so early, I couldn't really play it until a few months back, but thanks to those people with 'Infamy' and such, my experience of the game was horribly ruined. And I doubt Toki would always have time to play with me. Long story short, i dont trust randoms, who wants to play with me? for FUN, not for doing perfect runs i also dont mean right now, just...any time anyone is available, so i'll have someone to play with, so i didn't get the game for nothing
  6. Azalea Floria

    Payday 2 with me please

    uhh well i have played Borderlands 1 and 2, though i never did replay them after finishing it, plus...I only played it with my boyfriend, just so i can hear the story, much easier to follow the story with it just being me and him, right now we're doing BL 1.5 but thats postponed until we both have free time to play...someday. also adding everyone, and dont worry about timezones, im a Nocturnal, so im online anytime its morning/afternoon/evening for you guys
  7. Azalea Floria

    Payday 2 with me please

    so my options are very limited, and strategy based games like CS:GO or Insurgency will not do
  8. Azalea Floria

    Payday 2 with me please

    I have Insurgency but unlike some of my other games, it prevents me from playing properly with my friends because of where i live, you ever tried shooting at a moving target, 300 meters away, with 300 ping? Games like that i tend to play just to pass the time, with random locals, but with friends, its only gonna frustrate me
  9. Azalea Floria

    Payday 2 with me please

    ...pretty much all other games i had that had to be put "on hold" because of college have been played
  10. Azalea Floria

    Payday 2 with me please

    ooh...well...fucking Overkill, i wasted $60 only to play the game for like...8 hours total in the Beta, and then the game gets ruined before i could even enjoy it that much, great
  11. Azalea Floria

  12. Azalea Floria

    The Christmas Swag Thread

    this, actually, the latter
  13. Azalea Floria

    The Christmas Swag Thread

    "Why" to what?
  14. Azalea Floria

    The Christmas Swag Thread

    I got nothing, since I dont celebrate it ;3; .... But Zen did say he's gonna get me Overwatch
  15. Azalea Floria

    Oh hey, Christmas is close

    have a christmas video
  16. Hey guys, so in case you didn't know, I'm having money problems irl, at the moment I have two different part time jobs and we occasionally get my dad's pension money (he's passed away for those who didn't know) And a few kind people sends me some money from time to time (you know who you are~....) So....I doubt these'll sell but....well, leave your offers here and if i think its worth it, its sold Stuffs for sale: Team Fortress 2: Unusual Milkman Terror-Watt effect Strange Night Terror Scattergun (Kills while low health, Point Blanks Kills, Dominations) Square Dance Taunt Kazotsky Kick Taunt Schadenfreude Taunt Flippin' Awesome Taunt Boston Breakdance Taunt Skullcracker Taunt Rock, Paper, Scissors Taunt The Essential Accessories Gift Wrap Dota 2 Arcanas: (I ask for an offer "above" $50 for these if possible, please, minimum i'll accept is $40) Exalted Frost Avalanche (Crystal Maiden)(35 Ward Kills) Exalted Manifold Paradox (Phantom Assassin) (36 Assassination Score) Fiery Soul of The Slayer (Lina) Inscribed Blades of Voth Domoth (Legion Commander) (Duels Won 449) Here's my full inventory (everything's for sale except for my Medic Unusual and any custom-named items, they have....special personal memories attached to them) OR maybe...if you're feeling nice and generous, and want to donate to just help, my Paypal is Money Raised so far (hope to make $200 by the end of January from this, but i doubt it) $10 Toki: $5 (Box Trot Taunt) Philomena: $5 (Conga Taunt)
  17. Azalea Floria

    Into the Dark Depths - A Sci-Fi RPG: Beginning Soon!

    (Hey guys, so with recent life events, i've now...gotten myself 2 Jobs at once~!! so pulling myself out of this rp, have no time for it anymore, just letting you all know)
  18. Azalea Floria

    First Hat Drop

    Familiar Fez back in 2012, i started being the YER spy which was popular back then soon as i got that hat, no decloak sound Dead Ringer~
  19. Azalea Floria

    SFM Commissions

    Well, since no one's taken the second spot, and I can't give you a physical hug for making that model of about both our OCs hugging? Physical hug will be given whenever....whenever we meet, hopefully.
  20. One day, I shall attempt to dominate this forum with my feminism!! For now! I shall prepare!! *Opens Main Menu and go into Character Screen, sees my Feminism level is only 7*



    1. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      I am a male feminist, I'll support your cause so long as you don't become a feminazi.

      (you gain a passive +9 to feminism)

      So "domination" may not be the best way to convince people about equality among genders...:scrunchy:

  21. Azalea Floria

    Into the Dark Depths - A Sci-Fi RPG: Beginning Soon!

    After reading the note, Azalea thought it a bit too early for them to be calling upon her, because she was in the middle of discovering a new form of Toxin that she mistakenly brewed, and is trying it out by doing various experiments, nevertheless, she packs up her things, anything she thinks is necessary for the journey ahead, and makes her way for the Skyport.
  22. I reached Fig Wasp rank! what

    1. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Let us buzz on towards the next milestone, while stinging everyone who dares look at us wrong on the way.

      That is the way of the FiG Wasp.

    2. Nightwing


      yep, next is fig jam, then fig newton, then figgy pudding I believe.

    3. AI-senpai
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  23. Azalea Floria

    Yes or No

    mhm yes. Speed?
  24. Azalea Floria

    Them's Fightin' Herds!

    i've been seeing people funding this every few minutes the last few hours, i think they might just make it if it keeps going Edit: they made it!! the game's happening!