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    S5 Episode 19 - Discussion

    MMmyep, I know exactly how Pinkie feels. (And I know plenty of things about my friends that they claim they never tell others I know secrets, secrets like ...oops)
  2. Azalea Floria

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

  3. Azalea Floria

    Dress the guy/girl above you

    I strip off everything you were wearing until you're naked and bare, and then paint your whole body with SOLID GOLD!! behold....Golden Suit!
  4. Azalea Floria

    Slap the user above you

    I slap you because the roundness of your skull offends Dark Seer
  5. Azalea Floria

    Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared 5(DHMIS discussion)

    I agree, I don't understand why people over-react to these
  6. Azalea Floria

    Into the Dark Depths - A Sci-Fi RPG: Beginning Soon!

    Changed up mine, should look good now.
  7. Azalea Floria

    Into the Dark Depths - A Sci-Fi RPG: Beginning Soon!

    if you want me to change her skills, its no problem
  8. Azalea Floria

    Into the Dark Depths - A Sci-Fi RPG: Beginning Soon!

    2 out of 4, well then. Name: Azalea Floria Description: Average build mare with long white mane with light purple stripes, a yellow coat and is an Earth Pony, has bad eyesight and wears glasses (Image ) Skills: Herbalism: Is able to identify plant life and make use of them 4/10 Chemist: Able to make potions and poisons or other various stuff through chemistry 4/10 Melee Weapons: Azalea is not a fighting mare, but she can fight so long as she has something sharp or can hit very hard in her hooves. 2/10 Inventory: Everything she has here are carried in a saddlebag she wears on her back at all times unless stated A scarf (Good for cold climates, or just to look good) Empty potion bottles x3 Basic chemistry set (Single use, after that, I'll let you decide how else is she able to use this skill, either by letting her buy more stuffs to make a chemistry set or something else) A dagger with sheathe (She ties this to her foreleg, for easy unsheathing when needed) Volatile explosive bottles x 2 (they explode, nuff said)
  9. So I know most of those who know me from Ponyfortress2 are just dying to hear my voice...most of you.

    Well I can say I'm somewhat ready to talk into a mic...but not on the servers, will think of somethig.

    1. "User"


      Join a mumble server and do it

    2. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      There are many voice chat options: curse voice, mumble, teamspeak, skype and I guess discord to name a few.

    3. AI-senpai


      Why not join Discord? :D

  10. Azalea Floria

    Dress the guy/girl above you

    Oh my, pony-ception, well then, i add, along with the thong, a bra!
  11. Azalea Floria

    Into the Dark Depths - A Sci-Fi RPG: Beginning Soon!

    then i'll wait for what the others think
  12. Azalea Floria

    Azalea's "Random Videos" thread

  13. Azalea Floria

    Into the Dark Depths - A Sci-Fi RPG: Beginning Soon!

    So I was waiting to make sure that I have enough spare time to post into the roleplay at least once or twice a day for the scenes going on. And now that I know I am free enough to post at least daily for the rp, is it too late for me to join?
  14. Azalea Floria

    Kiss the above you

    Hey boys, what's going on in-- ohh...Manly men kissing each other and arguing over Yoko, okay well....*steps out of the game*
  15. Azalea Floria

    Dress the guy/girl above you

    Somehow having modified the power armor to walk around on its own, wreaking havoc, I come back to this "Forum Game" a thong and puts them on Error
  16. Azalea Floria


  17. Azalea Floria

    beam.-WE ARE IN THE BEAM

    Sorry Hound, beat you to it
  18. Azalea Floria

    Dress the guy/girl above you

    *stuffs Light in a pop-tart costume and fits their back with a rainbow powered jetpack*
  19. Azalea Floria


    its also a full song
  20. Azalea Floria

    Minecraft Skin request

    type 2 please~
  21. Azalea Floria

    Minecraft Skin request

    so who wants to help me make a custom Minecraft skin? personally I'd appreciate it if people would do this for me out of kindness, but if necessary, I'm willing to pay $5 just for helping me do this. anyway...this into a minecraft character
  22. Azalea Floria

    Secondary Game Nights

    Im available on evenings, day of the week varies
  23. Azalea Floria

    Video Game Movies are Good.... Right?

    I saw this in the news while checking borderlands the pre sequel in my library
  24. Azalea Floria

    Minecraft Skin request

    no no no no no, i dont want it to look like an anthro pony, make it human, ignore the pony ears and tail
  25. Azalea Floria

    Minecraft Skin request

    If i had free time to learn it, i would do it, but no, thats why im asking around for someone to do it, of course i'd do it if i happen to have free time but thats very unlikely nowadays, and what little free time i get i always spend it all with Zen