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    Why did you join the fandom?

    I got into MLP somewhere around when Season 1 only had 11 episodes or so, I was browsing an old Anime forums which I don't visit anymore, in the chatroom people were posting pictures and gifs of ponies to each other, and I asked them "What show is that?" I was quite surprised when they said "My Little Pony" because at the time, the first image that came to mind was "G3" ponies, but after looking it up, I found its a different My Little Pony and they convinced me to give it a try, and then I ended up following the series until the end of Season 1, and has been stuck with the fandom since.
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    Link senpai is gonna fill us all with scattergun leads, ruuuun..and hello Linkuser~ (its me Lariette, if you even remember me)
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    Gamer tags

    Steam: Azalea Floria (
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    Avatars are now squares! Tell us your thoughts!

    i kinda like circles better
  5. I just got myself a shiny brand new Strange Kritzkrieg today!! Ahh I'm so happy.

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    Does anybody play this game~? If so feel free to hit me up anytime you want to play with (or against) me~ I may be available to play
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    Heads up for everyone

    So a while ago, I got a friend request, as soon as I accepted they immediately sent all this so I believe is "Phishing" season now...hope y'all be careful not to get your account hijacked or your items stolen
  8. Hydra Boss from Child of Light I think the mane 6 should have a fighting chance against this, but with three separate heads that can breathe poison, ice and fire over a large area, the mane 6 would probably be in trouble if they get hit by any of that.
  9. It's kinda hard to get people to call me "Azalea Floria"... well guess that's what happens when you use a name for 3 years and then change it when people get used to it. But being called Lariette's still fine too.

    1. Sacred


      I can start calling you Azalea if that's what you prefer/want. I've just always known you as Lari.

  10. Azalea Floria

    Who is best pony?

    YES! this, Applejack is best workhorse, period
  11. Azalea Floria

    When do you play?

    Usually early in the morning until the afternoon, UTC time zone, usually this is night time or evening for most of you because I'm 12 hours or so ahead
  12. Hello everyone, I'm Lariette Emeralds, real name is Nurul Nadia, I'm a SouthEast Asian Brony(or Pegasister if you want to call me that, I prefer brony) who's been following the show since Season 1 Episode 11 came out, I am a college student, currently on leave because of issues I've had in the past. It''ll be fun to be here, I'm sure.
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    A new Pony has entered the forums!

    moooo to you too, husband