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  1. I got a theme song for that pone (cuz its just so 'street' lookin')

    Been a little while but I'm still battling moving fast
    while you's just prattling no time for me
    no tangling hit you in the spot with no angle and

    I'm not a princess
    (a lot of anger in it)
    not a cutie girlfriend oh no
    don't you know?

    flashy rhymes coated with spangles
    add some sounds in it
    it times wangles
    three dots connect to rectangles
    just like music sounds connect and rambles

    you cannot run away
    (hell nah no man can run away)
    from me I stay in your head as
    one big threat

    it's demolition
    wiping all out
    I won't go until it's over

    it's coalition
    pieces of wreckage
    come to me
    and let it be one.

  2. I wouldn't say love, but it is quite nice that I like it enough to stay. my schedule may range between 9 to 14 hours of work hours at a time throughout the week, but since I get paid by the hour thats actually a lot. Movie Projectionist is pretty casual. Coming into work I'd tell the projectors "good morning~!" (turning them all on), then I would give them all their work list for the day (putting in some commands for them to automatically run the movies, WHEN they're supposed to run the movies), and then all that's left for me to do is sit around, and only look after the temperature of the air conditioners and turn on/off the lights in the Halls when the movie ends/haven't started and people are coming in.So generally Its pretty laid back moments during those times when all the movies are running and all the Halls are dark, just doing nothing but playing Fallout Shelter and Mobile Legends on my phone...


    Wish I'd get a better boss though, he's been known to fire people just because he didn't like them for that one time they forgot to punch their card, or the time they had an accident but he didn't believe it so he fires them. Always gotta stick on his good side. OHW9I3s.png


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