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    I like horror, I don't particularly like jumpscares as they are very easily predicted (I'd be amazed if something manages to scare me that way anymore). I also like to let my mind drift by so my creativity will start working and I'll start to daydream about things....wacky things....super wacky that a gutted whale floating with a barracuda stuck in its stomach? As for music I don't have any favorite genres or musics I listen to on repeat a lot, but I do like instrumentals.
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    Part-time farm girl, Part-time retail worker, full time internet lurker.
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  1. So I did Archery for the first time today at a local carnival....felt so awesome.

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    2. Azalea Floria

      Azalea Floria

      It wasn't really a competition or anything, just a small game.

      All the targets were only 100 meters away

    3. Skyrazer


      100m away? Wow, that's serious overkill. Most target archery tournaments are done at 30-90m and novices or people with little to no experience are usually put up as close as 10-15m from the target. 

      Lower poundage bows, in the 20-30lb range, are what they give the newbies and those can't shoot very far to begin with since they're only meant to teach form.

    4. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      300m bipod iron sights rifle shooting, the Swiss way, the best way, the modern way, the only way
      (In all seriousness archery is indeed fun :p)