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    I like horror, I don't particularly like jumpscares as they are very easily predicted (I'd be amazed if something manages to scare me that way anymore). I also like to let my mind drift by so my creativity will start working and I'll start to daydream about things....wacky things....super wacky that a gutted whale floating with a barracuda stuck in its stomach? As for music I don't have any favorite genres or musics I listen to on repeat a lot, but I do like instrumentals.
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    Part-time farm girl, Part-time retail worker, full time internet lurker.
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  1. Got a big update for you all here, so for the past 2 days and 2 nights, it has been raining nonstop, just lots of storms and wetness. So I went driving around the neighbourhood earlier to get some breakfast and I snapped a few pictures from my phone. Two showing the rivers and one showing near the forest.


    The river from the side



    River from on a bridge



    And view of the forest



    If the rain doesn't stop soon I might have to go from earth pony to Sea pony~ ...Heh I kid but not really. If the water comes up to the roads that's gonna mean my neighbourhood's gonna be cut off from the town and we'd need to be picked up by boats and moved to a shelter zone or something.Hope it doesn't come to that.

    1. Sylveon


      That's some pretty big flooding, is anyone worried?


      (Also, what are the buildings in the background in the first picture?)

    2. Azalea Floria

      Azalea Floria

      That's a construction site, dont know what its supposed to be but from the looks of it, they're building an office building.

    3. Sylveon


      Okay, thanks for explaining.


      I thought it was a warehouse at first.