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    I like horror, I don't particularly like jumpscares as they are very easily predicted (I'd be amazed if something manages to scare me that way anymore). I also like to let my mind drift by so my creativity will start working and I'll start to daydream about things....wacky things....super wacky that a gutted whale floating with a barracuda stuck in its stomach? As for music I don't have any favorite genres or musics I listen to on repeat a lot, but I do like instrumentals.
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    Part-time farm girl, Part-time retail worker, full time internet lurker.
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  1. Someday I'll know what it feels have a console.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ZeBronyCaptain


      And then you'll wonder why you didn't just get an a better GPU for the good ole PC....

    3. Azalea Floria

      Azalea Floria

      I mostly want a console for them console exclusives, such as The Last of Us.

    4. CookedChicken73


      Well, you're going to have to console someone about getting one.

      Console = Consult

      I'll leave now