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  1. Hey you. Yes, you, ever had those days where you're just too smokin' hot that whenever you go into crowds something like this happens?





    Well then... try wearing some sort of fireproof rubber hood or something, cuz you're really setting ponies on fire with the sparks coming from your hair.


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  2. Maybe it wasn't meant to be, Maybe they weren't make good friends for me after all. Or maybe...there's something wrong with me.
    All I ever wanted was to be with other ponies. Mingle, party, socialize and all that. But every time I come across a caravan, a camp, a little village or just some random passerby. The moment I start a conversation with them, they close their eyes or draw their weapons on me! I just want some "real" friends, not murderous and rude like these old ones... So sick of having statues for friends

    - The Misunderstood Gorgon Pony

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