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  1. 7 minutes ago, Nova S. Aurora said:


    Yeah, I know, I'm subscribed to all the big TF2 animators, but Azalea keeps finding ones I've never seen before.

    Through exploration, I check out related channels, recommended channels, etc and thanks to youtube suggestions I always find people who have a great knack for humor and animation, but is not well known. Like Doctor Lalve for example.



    EDIT: Or like this coffee video guy, only 20k subs.

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  2. 21 hours ago, cjhoward said:

    Yeah high school was a fun time for me too in terms of imagination, back when I had a a group of friends who were into the show and we would just throw ideas around whether it was our own characters or episodes we loved or hated, its hard to believe its been 3 years already since graduation, and Ill be turning 21 in 3 months.

    I never did get anyone to draw a character for me, now that I have a job I should probably look into that,

    Don't know why you say there amateur I think they look pretty good. Which character is that a recolor of who's wearing the green hat and scarf?   

    Its Roseluck, my favorite background pony. ...Well she was just background back then anyway, now she seems to be getting more attention


  3. 7 hours ago, cjhoward said:

    22 OC's :o how could you manage to keep up with all of that lol? Guardian angel would be an accurate statement for the character.

    Used to have, this was back when I was in high school and had a more...."colorful and active" imagination, but then adulthood hit (I'm 19 turning 20 in a month) and so all of them are in the "memory graveyard" of my mind and the only one I keep is Azalea.


    Edit: it was also when I didn't have my own income to actually get people to draw my OCs for me. But since I kinda hated the OC creator back then I did recolors instead. (Amateur ones).


    Take a gander if you like


    All that remains of them are these pictures and their names. I don't remember them as a character anymore, let alone their personalities~


  4. 27 minutes ago, cjhoward said:

    I like the sound of that I'll consider using it, is that quote from something in particular or is it one that has many variations? I remember Harvey Dent saying "The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming."

    Not sure about that, I just used my usual 'trick' for naming ponies back when I used to own uh...over 22 OCs, For her I focused on her role as a character, and her relationship toward the stallion and just concluded that she might be sort of like his "guardian angel" as she tries to steer him towards the path of good rather than evil. The phrase just came to me and then I try to describe it into a name.

  5. For the mare, Shining Dawn, for she is the shining light who always leads "Regal Zeal" back to the path of good whenever he strays. Shining can also be referred to her blade, it shines like a true sword of justice. And dawn because I was thinking of this sentence; "Remember that when you are lost in the dark, the dawn will always arrive to light your path"

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