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  1. You are not worthy of my banning tools, your crime is far more severe than that. A crime so severe that it can only be appeased by plastering tiny "banned" words on your buttocks by the whip! You are guilty under the crime of POSTING IN A BANNED THREAD!! (See it says BANNED game, this game is banned). Fifteen lashes of the ban whip!

  2. I think that depends on the questions. If it's MLP related, create a post with your question in the "Friendship is Magic" group. If its something random such as "Who's your favorite pony" post in "Pony Free Posts". If its regarding the site like you want a more clear explanation of the rules. Go to the Town Hall group and post in the "suggestions and questions" subgroup.


    Or just join in and post in this topic here... 

    That's where I think are appropriate places anyway


    Oh yea, and...hello there, welcome... 6BPQvTo.png