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  1. Not clear actually right now if it has succeeded who this is or what the coup is actually about (other than power). The chief of the military is under house arrest by the military. Police and Military seem to be exchanging gun fire. Two more live feeds
  2. One Trick Pony


    I will grant you that this is indeed democracy in action, I cannot fault it on that. Fully 75% of the electorate turned out and that is more than many US elections have. That being said, I think this decision was wrong, I think the voters were wrong. From my point of view this is a victory for nationalism and xenophobia against the forces of supranationalism and united humanity. (if it isn't clear I am in favor of the latter) I will also grant that there is clear discontent with the EU government in Brussels, not just in the UK, but in Europe in general. I would say that there are really two ways to have this go. The first would be to do as you say, and break the Union apart. That to me would be a terrible mistake. The EU for all its clunkieness has generally supported peace, and humanitarianism. It has allowed Europeans to travel freely, or as close to freely as possible across boarders. It is my hope that the follow another course and unite further now without Britain, ultimately dissolving the individual nation states in favor of a truly unified Europe. They would need to reform the EU government and make it both more transparent and more important. The European parliament elections should be just as important or even more so than the local "national" elections. I dislike nationalism in general, but I particularly dislike the contemporary strain. I understand that most other people feel the need to belong to something greater than themselves, but the nationalism that inspired this referendum, or trump, is a negative one; defining itself against what is seen as a foreign group. "This is our country not yours. You can never be a member of our nation your religion/ethnicity/language means your values are incompatible." In fact the phrase "take our country back" drives me up a wall. I agree with Benedict Anderson in his work Imagined Communities. Nation states exist in the minds of their citizens. If that is the case from whom are you retaking the nation and why do they also not have an equal ability to imagine it? Why can we not re imagine it, widen our definitions, change it. I know you were specifically mentioning the "elite" as a class divide, but I think that this has greater ethnic and cultural roots, specifically racist, than class divides. Maybe that is my bias though, I am already a bit of a member of that elite, and I am looking to become further of one by eventually completing a PhD and teaching at a university. (sin the field of economics which you seem to specifically decry) The worst aspect of this form of nationalism is that it denies the shared humanity of all of us. With wars refugees, economic turmoil, global climate change, and technology evolving faster than our societal, moral, and intellectual structures can cope, we more than ever badly need to come together not divided. The markets will adjust, the UK might break up, and there might be a recession but as Keynes said, "in the long run we are all dead" I just truly worry about the political ramifications this might have unleashed.
  3. One Trick Pony

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    I have to say I was incredibly disinterested in the force awakens, didn't even go to see it. From the plot synopsis I have read (basically a rehash of a new hope) that was justified. This actually looks interesting though. I love seeing other parts of stories from different points of view, and if this honestly winds up being an original story could be fun.
  4. One Trick Pony

    Anyone else not main TF2?

    The term is already something of a slang term anyways, a shortening of "the main class I play as is" so while I see your point, it seems like a perfectly reasonable colloquial use. Anyway is have not played TF2 in quite a while. I poked around about 2 weeks ago on a pub server, and I keep meaning to play on those Saturday night games here but never get around to it. To be honest TF2 is the only fps I really play. Normally I stick to strategy games like EUIV, CK2, Endless Space/Endless legend, the Civilization Franchise etc. To be even more honest i have really mostly been playing board games on weekends rather than video games. So in short to not answer the question, not TF2 but I don't have a main game at the moment.
  5. One Trick Pony

    Samurai Jack is coming back in 2016 on Adult Swim

    This is fantastic news, and thank god that it is Tartakovsky doing it. Only sad note will be the lack of Mako as Aku.
  6. One Trick Pony

    Mane Six Cartoons

    I have to say I like, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, We Bear Bears, and Rick and Morty. Teen titans go is a little too random for me, I have never heard of Star vs the Forces of Evil.