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  1. Nightwing

    LFG TF2 casual

    Looking for someone to play TF2 with.
  2. I don't care who hosts it, I just want this part of the forum to become relevant again.
  3. How this thread works is that you post your recommended feed daily to show what Youtube recommends to you.
  4. Nightwing

    The Outer Worlds A decent trailer for announcing a game, not much gameplay but that's expected out of an announcement. Hope it's a great game.
  5. Looking for gamers to play the Halloween event with, gib steam profile.
  6. Salutations, staff recruiters! Name: Umbra Talons #8962 Age: 23 Favorite Pony: Probably Queen Chrysalis, if she counts as a pony. Why do I want to be an EQD Mod? I genuinely want to be more involved with the community, and I believe I have valuable input to improve it. What prior moderation/administration experience do you have? I am currently moderating about two RP servers, one that has been created recently this year, and one that was created years ago by one of my friends. Time Zone: CST, which is six hours behind UTC. Extra info: I'm a long time regular of the EQD Discord Server and the now merged, Friendship is Gaming community. It's been a long two years since the EQD discord opened to the public and merged with FiGs Discord Server. Many things have happened over those two years, but mostly positive thanks to the dedication of the staff, even those who had to step down for personal reasons or other life things. Even though I might not know everyone personally on the Discord Server, I still consider you wonderful people to talk to and have discussions with. Best of luck to any future applicants, I hope that you too can have a positive experience with the community, no matter who you are.
  7. Nightwing

    DOOM Eternal

    Apparently, there was controversy over a couple of lines in the game that someone made out to be about immigrants...
  8. Nightwing

    DOOM Eternal

    So despite the silly controversy over this game, I think it looks okay for a sequel. It did add new mobility like the dash system and a grappling hook, but it seems like we're getting a lot of reskins/redesigned weapons from DOOM 2016. I was kinda hoping they would add the multiplayer weapons from DOOM into it but I guess not.
  9. Nightwing

    Fallout 76

    I'm not really sure what to think about this game right now. Online only isn't really my cup of tea and having no NPCs to give out quests also seems like a recipe for disaster. I'm also not a huge fan of the perk card system, it seems like it's kinda limiting.
  10. Nightwing

    Pony Fortress Reborn Don't know what to say
  11. Nightwing

    Fallout 76

    This trailer was somehow better than the BF V trailer despite showing nothing about the game! This is some crazy magic, yo.
  12. Nightwing

    Battlefield VVVVV

    So the reveal trailer for Battlefield V just came out and boy, is it not a good trailer! It's a shame because they did talk about all the new stuff that they were adding but didn't showcase any of it. Still, no expansion packs might make this the only modern battlefield game to not hurt my wallet on launch. I really wanted to see how fortifications work but I suppose that'll be for a different trailer, hopefully.
  13. Nightwing

    Valve "making" games

    Does anyone have any news on Valve titles besides Artifact and the Campo Santo game that's going to come out?
  14. Nightwing

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Happy late May 4th everypony