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  1. Nightwing

    The Job - OOC Thread

    I hope Fern isn't mad at me. Can't blame me for being so eager.
  2. Nightwing

    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    Yoko grabbed the rifle Sash threw to her. "Think someone should put the guards armor on and take this rifle from me. A disguise is better than no disguise."
  3. Nightwing

    The Forbidden Words

    Hi,everypony. Forbidden words: Everyone, Are, The, Happening, Then, Is, A, Pants, Well, I, We, it, what,everypony.
  4. Nightwing

    The Job - OOC Thread

    I knew you weren't going to open the grate before I shot the arrow
  5. Nightwing

    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    Yoko nodded,grabbed an arrow from her quiver,and carefully aimed it with her bow towards the guards head before letting go.
  6. Nightwing

    The Job - OOC Thread

    well, I was wrong about getting caught sneaking through the vent, but we're going to kill someone! hurray!
  7. Nightwing

    S M B Z B O Y S

    I always thought he couldn't figure out where to go next with the storyline,thus the reason for the reboot
  8. Nightwing

    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    "Tell me when to go in.",Yoko whispered.
  9. BoI:Rebirth is killing all of my Fallout 4 time. And FO4 is killing all my Mabinogi time. I have now entered the cycle of addiction,send help

    1. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      You are now beyond the point of simple help, you shall have to slay the evil beast that wrangles you into it's eternal cycle of torment, only then shall you truly be ridden of that vicious cycle.

    2. Procelle


      The vicious cycle of life

    3. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      Given how Bethesda handled Fallout 4, I'd say you're spending your time well with Rebirth.

  10. Nightwing

    Hello, Eclipse Here, Lets tech up!

    I have no strategy games, you're already dead to me. I mean welcome to the forums, personally I don't like League of Legends because Riot is a terrible video game company so you're more likely going to see me on DOTA 2 if I ever get people to play it with
  11. Nightwing

    More Obscure TF2 Mechanics

    So do I tell my teammates not to start running out from cover when I'm healing them and wait for my crit heal to heal up?
  12. Nightwing

    The Job - OOC Thread

    I bet we'll get caught sneaking through the vents. I hope everyone is ready for a fight.
  13. Nightwing

    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    Yoko followed behind the florans and novakid,making sure not to move too quickly. "That bird better be quiet when we're sneaking through this vent,I'd hate to be detected so early in this mission.",Yoko whispers.
  14. Nightwing

    Basically Warframe(Star)

    that RS joke sickest burn
  15. Nightwing

    The Banned Game

    banned that's it, you're banned.
  16. Happy chinese new year everypone,if you celebrate it
  17. Nightwing

    Continue the Sentence

  18. Nightwing

    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    "Do you think some other group got the same contract as us? I wouldn't be surprised if we weren't the only ones who got this job..."
  19. Nightwing

    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    "Yep,we're boned..."
  20. Nightwing

    gib reaction images

    hey you....dumbass?
  21. Nightwing

    Ask a random question

    I have no idea who you are,so no... Do you haz cheezeburger?
  22. Nightwing


    This show still has a couple more seasons in it, they've been in mostly ponyville for most of the seasons. Thank goodness they introduced the map or I'd have stopped watching by now