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    Lots of things. Too many to bother listing them all, but if it is thought provoking or logical, I probably like it.
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    An inkling? What's an inkling?
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    I have Arrived

    Hello folks. I am Temperance. My ponysona is based on a dream I had after first getting into the gen 4 stuff. I usually dream of being a sage or hero or just having fun with demigod powers (I don't have nightmares, probably because I have no fear), so probably no surprise that when I dreamt of being a pony I was an alicorn, though me dreaming of being something other than human is kinda weird. It was also the only time I dreamed of ponies. Anyways, I was one of several alicorns, each representing a tarot card like concept. Celestia, Luna, and Twilight being the sun, moon, and priest is kinda obvious, but I was the one representing Temperance. There were several others, mostly unrecognizable, and we were discussing where to find training for the young alicorns recently inheriting the empty slots, the concepts that were empty. I think the power persisted and moved on to someone new if a pony died, but it was a dream so it didn't make a whole bunch of sense. Anyway, in the real world, I spend far too much time working, but from time to time I spend time designing games, programming, or roleplaying (though the list of stuff I like doing is a long one when I have the time).