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  1. Trucky

    Giving Away Beta Pass(es)

    I doubt there will be any left, but i would love to have one. I'm on vacations so i will play a lot!.
  2. Trucky

    What do you think about this (+18)

    The video itself doesn't bother me. What actually does it is the fact that i can't find what happen after...
  3. Trucky

    Ask a random question

    Nope! Would you marry me?
  4. I am free now, i no longer need to think about this in my darkest hours.
  5. Trucky

    The Detonator is Good

    The jump boost seems very interesting in the pyro, i never did it because i couldn't do it in time.
  6. Trucky

    The Force Awakens

    I'm confused, is this movie the sequel of what happens when luke turns evil?
  7. Trucky


    Probably one of the most nice games i've play. I truly enjoyed everything it had to offer. It's just that i love the fact that everything you do actually has a meaning in the game..
  8. Trucky

    Introduction and Apologize

    So... w-where is the juice?
  9. Trucky

    The least/most skilled class in TF2

    i would say that the medic is probably the class that requires the most experience to play with. You've to be aware of your teammates health, kamikaze scouts, snipers, saving that important uber, understand when it's time to push and to fall back, careful with open spots so you don't get headshot, all while you watch your own back for the spys. If you die, so your team does too. The least skilled class i would say it's the heavy, but that doesn't mean he's bad. He's easy to learn and has nice dps but you need be really careful to watch your back and the medic since you're so slow to move and all.
  10. Trucky

    Project/Dream Car

    I reaallly want a modified ambulance when i grown up and finish my career. My friend modified his car to have an intensive area in the back seats and it's kind of odd but useful.
  11. Trucky

    wrong side of youtube post

  12. Well... i've been out for a while, i don't think someone will remember me but anyways, i kind of had a bad rant over pf2 long time ago and making history short i noticed it literally stopped existing. I've been looking for the nest i spent a lot of my teenager years playing videogames and i think i found it but i'm not sure. Anyways i'm kind of new, i like videogames and i'm not really a native english speaker so sorry pls.