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  1. PretendPrawn262

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    Me too I love when she went back to equestria for the second time and met princess celestia again who was once her teacher
  2. PretendPrawn262

    Gamer tags

    PretendPrawn262 is mine I've recently gotten into state of decay 2 most of my Xbox friends aren't bronys so I would like to surround myself with people I can relate too. Yeah never thought I would say I can relate to a pony loving guy or girl course I refer to female bronys as pegasisters that's just my preference any way who watches a show meant for little girls, Hasbro did not plan for this to happen but we as humans find new interest new cultures we want to be different not the average Joe well at least most people, we become smarter or vise versa depends on the situation, we find new technology to make our day to day lives easier. Don't know why I decided to get all dramatic but hey that's what I am a dramatic sarcastic enthusiastic obnoxious smart@$$
  3. PretendPrawn262

    What is the best Mario game.

    Its kinda depressing to see how many people did'nt give up 5 minutes of there time to take this simple survey
  4. PretendPrawn262

    hello I'm new to this site

  5. PretendPrawn262

    hello I'm new to this site

    since 2014 I think, srry it took me so long to respond. I actually originally thought bronys were pretty strange lifeforms how ironic it is to be one not that thats a bad thing, I love everything about MLP except the random song break outs
  6. PretendPrawn262

    Grand theft auto 5

    GTA is my game, my gamertag is PretendPrawn262
  7. PretendPrawn262

    Share Your Gamertags!

    PretendPrawn262 xboxone, I mostly play gta
  8. couldn't think of what else to put here
  9. PretendPrawn262

    I have Arrived

    Its from splatoon