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    Sounds like fun-fun. How would we go on about doing this?
  2. I doubt anypony's gonna check this AT ALL, but I might as well post this for bragging rights! Hi! I'm PinkiePie! I'm 17 and I really like hugging horses at random times. That is all. ~XOXO
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    Hi! Hello! Woop woop!

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    When do you play?

    Any time I feel like it. ...That's an okay answer, right?
  5. PinkiePie

    Pony Names

    I feel like it'd 'cause a lot of chaos with everyone changing their names constantly. I wanna remember who's face I'm grinding into the dust without checking the scoreboard!
  6. PinkiePie

    Enable Halloween on the server?

    Woo! Will full-moons still trigger the taunt, though? Or is there some sort of super-plugin that can block it?