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  1. Luna-tic

    What Makes You Cringe In TF2?

    Crates. All I've got since Valve added them has been 75% crates. I bought the game at least a year before it went F2P! I don't deserve this treatment! Oh, and whenever I get an item for a class I don't play.
  2. Luna-tic

    OC Master List

    Not REALLY my OCs, but probably the closest things I have to them. Note that they don't have to be anthro. Use yer imagination and I'm sure you can think of them on four legs. Name: Ciry of Carapace (On the left) / Siktha of Carapace (Right) Race: Changelings Gender: Female Age: 23 / 19 Personality: Aggressive, protective, risk-taking, thrill-seeking / Clever, manipulative, sneaky, underhanded Description (can be picture): Under backstory Backstory: Born to a minor hive somewhere in Southwest Equestria, the sisters were especially talented daughters of their queen, with Ciry often used as an enforcer for the hive (keeping order, capturing ponies, something of the like) whereas Siktha usually worked as an information gatherer, slipping into towns and cities to gather information, find suitable targets, and steal some love. This went on for a few years before the two grew bored of taking orders from a queen, escaping the hive in a violent mess that resulted in the loss of Ciry's horn. Now the two wander Equestria, usually in disguise. They work as agents for hire, and always work as a duo, virtually impossible to separate.
  3. Hey, I'm Luna-tic. Some of you might recognize me from classic films such as... none, actually. I've never been in a movie. Anyways, I used to play a lot of TF2 before it became impossible to find a decent server (as in, no bloody mods), and through TF2 I ran into Pony Fortress 2. And then that website croaked while I was away (if someone could explain that to me, please do). I used to do a lot of RP on Pony Fortress 2, and now I'm sort of here to say hello, wander around, and maybe run into a few familiar faces.