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  1. Hi. Is there someone who could create some Stream Overlay? I don't play one game so I'm looking for some universal overlay.
  2. Hi. Is there anyone who could do some nice looking my little pony stream overlay? Thanks For Your Time.
  3. pepeh

    Need help image

    Hi. Is there anyone who could deleted this black background from this: image and make it png? Thanks For Your Time.
  4. Unfortunately Ketrab8 decided to leave the game. That's why I'm looking for someone form our community who could make some more skin to add to the pack or to do 2nd one. Yea in it would be nice to see some Tirek's or Discord's tank but there is a lot of other charackers waiting like: Twilight Sparkle (to do complited mane 6) Few backgroud ponies: Derpy Bulk Biceps Princess Celestia (in this case artillery probably is the best idea for her) Shining Armor Cadance I hope I'll find someone to make it happend.
  5. pepeh

    Graphic needed

    Hi. Is there someone who could make some My Little Pony Skins? Since Ketrab8 decided to leave the game there is no one who could make the pack bigger and bigger. Link to the forum thread: Link to the mod:
  6. Hi. I don't know how many of you are still plaing WOT but. I wanna present to you My Little Pony Skinpack. y Little Pony Skinpack brings 5 unique high quality “My Little Pony” skins made by Ketrab8. It features: T-34-85M Pinkie Pie skin, IS-3 Princess Luna skin, Löwe Applejack skin, Object 277 Rarity skin, E-100 Rainbow Dash skin; Idea by me Rest by Ketrab8 For now there are only few skins for some popular tanks.Probably there will be more skins if there will be an idea and time. Link: Here are screenshoots