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    K-HAO-S ART https://www.deviantart.com/k-hao-s SFW Hello there! I've been doing Digital art since 2014 and ponies for less than a year. I'm new to the fandom and still learning! I enjoy doing pony art I've found. Something quite pleasing about the MLP style in general I think. I do enjoy doing other types of art as well though. I don't think I have a definitive style yet honestly. I'm still experimenting and trying to find "my" style. Though I have been doing a somewhat simpler style lately due to drawing ponies and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. As far as my offline life, I'm 27 years old and have 5 furbabies that are spoiled rotten. I'm married just over a year Aug,9th 2017 and I'm pursuing a career in art. Pony OC's I have a few pony OC's but I"m still acquiring/ designing more but here are the ones I have so far. Warning Toyhou.se link contains some nudity but nothing "Adult" in nature https://toyhou.se/Khaos/characters/folder:516007 Pony Art Made exclusively by me Only going to be putting art made 100% by me (no bases from others used) here.
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    Added more art!