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    There can be more than one pepto-bismo pony surely All hail the pastel colored horsies, welcome to the herd!
  2. Hello! I'm D.R Oatz (Danny Roadwell Oatz) I'd like to get more familiar with the forum side of MLP, I feel there's a wide variety of creativity that flourishes 'only' on Message Board. And if any way I could help contribute to these colors to paint a wonderful picture of community, I really advocate music made by Bronies 2014 It was around the year 2012 that I took a quick look to MLP, and secondary look at that. I was skeptical before, but I talked to wonderful voice actors and vibrant enthusiasts that have taken me in rather kindly. I very much wish to experience this again, and relay the same memories to others for days to come.
  3. D.R Oatz

    Second Life

    There is this 3D virtual world called Second Life, it's without objectives so I'm not sure if it would be called a game. Would there be a place to talk about 3D models in the platform like MLP building replicas, avatars, ect? (Also here is a picture of Scootaloo)
  4. D.R Oatz

    Applejack Fan Club

    Worth it, got apple & a Jacky lovebite.
  5. Hello everybody, I just joined this site to find more pony stuff when I can, I have plenty to talkover about off-site too. It's been a while since I've done the forum things so I'm excited (and somewhat terrified of posting in wrong places.) To new beginnings!