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  1. Procelle

    IT'S STILL REAL TO ME: a wrestling thread

    Oh boy a wrasslin' thread. Watched WWE a lot as a kid, then stopped around 2010ish. Started slowly picking it up again in 2012-2013, although now thanks to streaming sites and the like (specifically /wooo/) I've been able to branch out to other promotions. As for favourite matches, there are just too many to choose from. But I do know what my favourite promo/segment is:
  2. umm hello how are you???

    I don't think we met *blushes* i'm Nightshroud nice to meet you

  3. Procelle

    Favorite National Anthems?

    One of the few good things to come out of the French Revolution tbh.
  4. Procelle

    Last to Post 2: The Last Postening

    Don't hurt yourself, now.
  5. Procelle

    Last to Post 2: The Last Postening

    Watch out, folks. We're dealin' with a badass over heah.
  6. Procelle

    Last to Post 2: The Last Postening

    Pfft, good luck with that
  7. Procelle

    Your Theme Song

  8. Procelle

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    Do you think that's air you're breathing now?
  9. Procelle

    Last to Post 2: The Last Postening

    Just give up now and avoid the inevitable humiliation of me defeating you
  10. Procelle

    Last to Post: EqD Edition

    You think that's a box? This is a box!