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  1. So for some time, I've had the EQG characters as waifus(not anything too serious like I'm in an actual relationship and foresake real women, that is unhealthy and wrong), just for like some fun, which is all, not sure if it's the right term or something ) and I've done since I was a 12th grader. However, I am entering my third year college now(am 20_ and it's come to my attention that the girls may be seniors(18?) and as a thid year college student, I don't want to feel creepy doing this, even if they are fictional. I was wondering, how can I still have them as 'waifus' or whatever without being a creep? I guess one way I rationalize it is as I;m the age to be a second year college student, which isn't bad with a senior. I know this sounds silly but it's just something that's nagging me and I overthink things in general.