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  1. LegendaryR'QA

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    I thought it was Cute.
  2. LegendaryR'QA

    Which parts of Fanon have become Canon?

    Derpy, Steven Magnet, Vynal and Octavia living together.
  3. LegendaryR'QA

    Add CELT to the TF2 servers

    Added beta support for the CELT voice codec Currently only enabled in community servers that opt-in to the beta Server operators can enable CELT usage by setting the below convars, followed by a level change sv_use_steam_voice 0 sv_voicecodec vaudio_celt I think this could be good for the servers
  4. LegendaryR'QA

    The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    Is there someplace i can see the people who've singed up?
  5. LegendaryR'QA

    The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    Can i be a caster?
  6. MLP is just another Fantasy genera shojo slice of life anime for me.
  7. LegendaryR'QA

    Hello Everypony

    Do you watch Anime?
  8. LegendaryR'QA

    S6 - Episode 22 - Discussion

    It was alright. I thought the monster thing was a bit of and asspull thou.
  9. LegendaryR'QA


    People that are more "competitive" are get priority.
  10. LegendaryR'QA


  11. I'm pretty indifferent to the show nowadays, but i don't hate it.
  12. LegendaryR'QA

    UGC HL S20 / UGC 6s S22 / ESEA S23 / ETF2L 6s S25 Thread

    I might be on a Gold Team now. First scrim went well, hopefully i dont under-preform tonight.
  13. LegendaryR'QA

    Saturday Night TF2 Weekly Events

    Who says you can't still play, the server is always up.