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    Top ten pony videos of July 2018

    I think top 10 pony videos would be great
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    Which character do you prefer in their human form?

    I honestly like Twilight the best
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    hello there
  4. So guys, I am new to the fandom about a few months new. I just made this account and I happy to meet you guys and hope to have fun here! So the mlp movie 2017. I am going to be honest I loved the movie. It out did my expectations, it has a fun feel to it. The animation was great. It looked fantastic, the colors were just right. It was funny, the songs were amazing. My favorite song of the movie is "Open up your eyes". I love this movie. if my post seems eh to you I am sorry for that this is my first post after all lol. The promotional material was just right. My favorite character is Rainbow dash, but fluttershy is soooo cute I just love her! What do you guys think about the movie? I simply love it. I can't wait to get to know you guys!