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  1. Blessed Samhain all, and a very spooky Nightmare Night everypony

  2. YouTube recommended this short Dutch film to me, and it isnt actually that bad. Relatable, actually. Usually these short films are exaggerated to high Hell, but this one was kept down to Earth. I like it



    Here's something I did in Minecraft when I had just started experimenting with commands blocks. So, yeah, I know the module is gigantic, I was just happy when it worked, I wasn't worried about compactness at the time.


    Basically, its a drone made of a bunch of invisible armor stands (effect particles set to false) and a firework rocket set on loop, all running on the AI of an invisible dog, but it also retrieves items for you, unlike a dog. I wanted to add more features like maybe turrets on the drone? Never got around to it though

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      Shining Star

      that's really cool

  4. I'm Nuzlocking Pokémon Platinum. It's so hard! I only have 3 Pokémon and I'm already at the first Gym! So many have passed on! At least 3 or 4

    I still have my encounter for the coal mine, but yet I worry for Komorebi, my Turtwig! I almost lost him once, I can't let it happen!

  5. Ugh... I feel like shit. For everyone who also feels like shit, have a cute picture thingyfull.png

    1. AI-senpai


      This is indeed cute.

      Hope you feel better, fam!

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  6. Altastrofae

    The Pony After Me (T.P.A.M.)

    Wtf, no! XD TPAM prefers strawberry dairy products over chocolate
  7. Goodnight Everypony

  8. Altastrofae

    You Can only talk with pictures

  9. Altastrofae

    Do Pedos have a place in Fandoms?

    I would say that being so blunt towards your argument is greatly counterintuitive. I don't support pedophilia, however, I will say that as long as they arent hurting people, and keeping those thoughts to themselves as any normal person would in casual conversation, I don't have a problem with the person
  10. Greetings and good morrow fellowman. I am new here, and hope to become well aquainted with you all

  11. Altastrofae

    Answer The Question Above You

    Lobster? Would certainly be an interesting companion. I'd say so. Like a fish, but with a surplus of feelers and claws What, in your eyes, would be the most beautiful concievable thing to you?