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  1. The Power

    lol rip

    The last remnants of old PF2... Why were the servers taken down? Not enough traffic?
  2. The Power

    Favourite TV shows/movies

    I totally think it could have worked though, Season 2 had Mirakuru which was kind of 'out there' too and plus, we already saw The Flash. I think that with Kriesberg and Berlanti still on Arrow instead of just Guggenheim, they could've made it work. Like having Oliver being resurrected via the Lazarus Pit instead of penicillin tea and the will to survive, adding in more names to the League, not having Team Arrow being able to beat up the League and giving Ra's a better story etc. would have all helped Season 3. Season 4 suffered from similar stuff, HIVE was just a joke, they misused Darhk, Malcolm vs Oliver was bad and FELICITY! Plus they had less Oliver Queen interacting with people in Starling City like in S1/S2, which was lame. I hope S5 is a lot better, surely it can't be worse than the end of Season 4 but then again, it takes a lot to ruin S3/S4 when you have Ra's al Ghul and Damien Darhk as your villains! Meanwhile, Flash Season 2 was really good, I hope we get a lot of Eobard Thawne in Flashpoint.
  3. The Power

    Favourite TV shows/movies

    *high five* Yeah, I love most of the DCTV shows! It's a shame that Arrow hasn't been that good since half-way through Season 3
  4. The Power

    The Emoji Movie - We have failed humanity.

    Since when did people start calling them emojis, anyways!? I always called them emoticons/smilies... :/
  5. The Power

    Miitomo - Nintendo's first Mobile App with Miis!

    Ahh, cool. So when that launches, we all get points that expire within 6 months and can buy items from MyNintendo by the end of the year? Hmm, my body is ready!
  6. The Power

    Miitomo - Nintendo's first Mobile App with Miis!

    In order to do so, you can also sign up for the Nintendo Account - linked to your NNID if you choose to do so. It looks like it will be a middleman for your NNIDs and MyNintendo, which will give you rewards/points/stuff for playing Nintendo games, much like Club Nintendo did (in fact, MyNintendo was originally Club Nintendo's predecessor, so it's back, in a way) and by pre-registering for Miitomo, you get a few MyNintendo points which you will be able to spend within 6 months of Miitomo launching (which is when I assume that MyNintendo will also launch simultaneously) if I read that right. Exciting stuff, although the Nintendo Account kinda seems pointless (unless Nintendo needed it as it is hard to directly link NNID to MyNintendo due to their coding).
  7. The Power

    Ninty Consoles Code Sharing Thread!

    So incredibly late but I updated.
  8. The Power

    Ninty Consoles Code Sharing Thread!

    Done again.
  9. The Power

    Ninty Consoles Code Sharing Thread!

    Updated again. I don't know how to check Nintendo Network IDs on computer, probably have to log into NN but I honestly can't be bothered right now so uhh, put both up.
  10. The Power

    Why did you join the fandom?

    In late 2011, I saw people talking about TF2 and MLP:FiM on an Ed, Edd n' Eddy forum I frequently posted on. Having then played TF2 for the first time and falling in love with it, I decided to watch the pilot of the MLP cartoon as I had heard good things about it - after all, if I didn't like it (I thought that would be the outcome), I could just forget about it and move on. Ultimately, I loved it and was hooked and decided to watch new episodes every week. In addition to this, I started to go on the Legion of Ponies servers on TF2 as going on random Valve servers really wasn't fun. Anyways, I became a regular at LoP for a few months and was watching a lot of MLP. In 2012, I also then found Pony Fortress 2 and became a regular there. I found that the brony community at LoP and PF2 were amazing and especially at PF2, I have had some of the best (and quite a few bad ones!) moments of my online life and met many awesome people who I still talk to today.
  11. The Power

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

  12. The Power

    Free or Best Offer

    Can I take Payday 2 by itself then pls? :'D
  13. The Power

    Ninty Consoles Code Sharing Thread!

    Like a month late but hey, I'm doing it xD
  14. The Power

    Best Steam Usernames

    "The Power" ...
  15. The Power

    The Force Awakens

    Star Wars Battlefront 3. Y'know, because it's the third one and well, I'd rather not just call it "SW Battlefront" because that would soil the good name of the original <3