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  1. I need help. If u have a boyfriend n he seems to b becomin' distant, the connection is gone n the love is weak... How the Fuck can u fix it?! I NEED to know ASAP plz help.....:cry::cry::puzzled::cry::cry:

  2. 0-0 so I subscribed to Trav and Cor on Youtube and here's their most reacent video, from 17 hours ago.



  3. Hey Caesar, been missin ya, hru?

  4. Shining Star

    WarriorS Fan Club

    Hey that works too. My mum got me series 1 for Christmas n I love those books soo much. Ofc not as much as I love Brex but still lol.
  5. I have returned n I gots news, I has a boyfriend now! His name is Brex n we've been together a month now.

  6. Shining Star

    WarriorS Fan Club

    Anybody that LOVES Erin Hunter's WarriorS series can chat here.
  7. Yo, I have returned for good! Thank you to all who follow me and are my friends. I'm glad to be back.

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    2. Shining Star

      Shining Star

      Yes, I was forbidden to use this site but then my school blocked it on my computer. I'm talking to all of you thanks to my internet connection on my Nintendo 3DS. Thank you to all who have welcomed me back. I'm happy to be here.

    3. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      Welcome back, Star. 

    4. Shining Star
  8. Hey. :)


    I haven't seen you for a while.


    You alright?

    1. Shining Star
    2. Leonbrony17


      That's good to hear.


      It has been while indeed.

    3. Shining Star

      Shining Star

      Yuh I honestly forgot about this site lol

  9. Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, Star!


  10. I know this is late but thank you for the follow lol :D 

  11. Shining Star

    How do you represent yourself in the pony world?

    Alicorn with this cutie Mark.
  12. Thanks for following me.:happy::wink:

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    2. Shining Star

      Shining Star

      Nope are you? I used to be but it got dangerous.

    3. Havocbyte


      Well, I'm on Steam, the Gearbox Software forums, The Android Central forums, Ubuntu Forums and YouTube (Havocbyte, DaydreamTracer and TracerPixel128.) Oh, and Snupps.

    4. Shining Star