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  1. hi who is your fave singer?

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    2. Shining Star

      Shining Star

      Do you believe MJ is alive?

    3. NalaAddict


      Alive? No ... but I do believe he got smeared by a lot of bs from the mainstream media which is what gave him a bad name for so long.  I refused and still refuse to believe any of it.

    4. Shining Star

      Shining Star

      I agree with that. He is alive though here's your proof.


  2. NalaAddict

    Very New Here

    I just started watching through the series (s1 and not done yet) this week, after running in to someone who identified as a brony on twitch; a venue I spend entirely too much time on. Initial reactions were similar to when I started watching Sailor Moon (something initiated with insistence by my ex g/f 6 years ago). That is to say, the 'this is way girly' and a discomfort alarm went off. But, much like SM, the further in I watched, the less it nagged at me, and the more I grew to like it; though it lacks a lot of the complexity (character development/personality wise) of SM. From what I have read through the time of online research about the brony topic, the avg age group doesn't fit me, now 40 years old .. without kids, so I'm one of the odd men out I suppose. It did also appear as if we...that is to say the brony fandom as a whole..are treated pretty harshly from a general public standpoint. All that aside, I immediately gravitated to who are my two favorites so far as of episode 15 and those remain Spike and Twilight Sparkle. You would think that Pinkie Pie would have been, given she is also my favorite color, but her personality doesn't fit the bill; in fact I'd go as far to say her and Rarity are my least favorite of the mane group. I'm not too sure in terms of favorites for the characters outside them just yet. One of them is surely Applebloom, and Big Macintosh -- despite his relatively minimal screen time. I must admit that so far there were two occasions where I was surprised the voice actors turned out not to be male, those being Spike and Rainbow Dash. The humor so far in the show has been great, and caught me off guard more than once. I find it a bit amusing that I'm even considering some MLP items; mainly .. a pair of shirts, and one of the backpacks (I have at least one from my 3 main favorite movie/shows .. those being Lion King, Sailor Moon, and now this as well). The backpack shown below is one of maybe 3 I found that I didn't feel were too much.