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  1. TALON

    Playstation 4 comminity

    Not for some time. I game on the PC first
  2. TALON

    Guild wars 2

    Heart of thorns was just released last week. I was wondering if anybody was currently playing that was looking to join or be a part of a Brony based guild. Since the release of the expansion there have been more people actively playing that are part of the guild. I am trying to set up a group of people that want to consistently run fractals, dungeons, and raid( when it is released) content. The Greater Brony Alliance has active members but I don't believe there is enough active players who wish to experience the endgame content. http://twentypercooler.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=260036&sid=dabcacf85f247328a6f5c14d03f39f27&sso=1446276317 If you wish to register on this website or contact me in game "TALON:8150".