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  1. To settle a dispute

    Gabby is the obvious choice.
  2. New EQD Forum Mascot

    There might be a poll once we get all the suggestions we can
  3. New EQD Forum Mascot

    Here she is, created by the talented Ashley Nichols our little bat friend here is just adorable. She enjoys chatting, blogging, forum posting, researching, and making new friends. She's always up late at night (she's a bat after all) online discovering something new or talking online with friends. There is just one thing she needs some help with, and that's a name! We thought it would be fun if the community comes up with a name, so reply with your suggestion! Currently trending names: Cora Spondence Iris Agora Chatty Batty Misty Shadow Eko Bulletin Iris Skies/Iris Fang Chatty Bubble Little Quote Gleaming Dawn Floris Crescent Rally Nocturne Batina Vox Sultry Shadow Maddie Rater Daisy Skies Piper Postit
  4. URL Icon Confusion

    Your wish is my command. Share logo and favicon are now blue and say "forum"
  5. Show me your OC!

    Moved to Drawfriends because of all this amazing art!
  6. Is there going to be a basic "Reply" function?

    Gotcha. At this time the forum software does not have this feature. I will see about adding a feature request with the creators.
  7. Is there going to be a basic "Reply" function?

    While I don't recommend @Lord Seraph do that, he could PM the person and copy paste the quote box so the person being PMed could gain context.
  8. Is there going to be a basic "Reply" function?

    Use the Quote feature to reply to someone in particular. When you do they should receive a notification that you mentioned them. You may also use @username i.e. @Lord Seraph and that should ping an individual as well under their notifications.
  9. What site was this?

    Yep, it was a huge undertaking to do forums and a community like this and even crazier to convert it into EQD's forum. I hope you enjoy!
  10. Bug Reporting

    This has been fixed. Thanks for reporting.
  11. Greetings gamers! If you'd like to join our Discord chat community and chat and call up with over 200 people, join our free Discord chat using this link: https://discord.gg/kBM2tj7 Use Discord to chat to your other FiG friends, use our gaming chat rooms, and/or talk about ponies. All this over text or voice. Never heard of Discord? Discord is a text and voice multiplatform application that combines all the best things of IRC, Skype, Mumble, Teamspeak and Ventrilo and offers them up for a low latency, totally free experience for gamers and casual chatters alike. Use Discord online or download the app at Discordapp.com
  12. 4 Oldschool Pony Villains

    I think some of the older gen villains were some of the most bad ass. Read my article below then continue the discussion here! Tell me what pre gen 4 villains you liked. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2016/01/4-oldschool-pony-villains-that-could-be.html
  13. New Post Count Rank Names

    Yes, the custom ranks will still exist.
  14. With our merge into EQD's forums, we were thinking of changing the rank names from fig related things. While I do enjoy seeing all the figgy puddings around, It maybe a bit out of context for the rest of the forums. So rather than myself coming up with new ranks myself, I thought I would ask all of you. Let us know below any and all suggestions for new rank names!