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    4 Oldschool Pony Villains

    I think some of the older gen villains were some of the most bad ass. Read my article below then continue the discussion here! Tell me what pre gen 4 villains you liked. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2016/01/4-oldschool-pony-villains-that-could-be.html
  2. WeAreBorg

    To settle a dispute

    Gabby is the obvious choice.
  3. Simple game. I will throw something through the magic mirror to the land of Equestria Girls and the next poster will tell us what it becomes. I.e. Spike becomes a dog, a pony becomes human-ish. That same poster then throws the next thing through the portal mirror. If you trow Gummy through the mirror...
  4. WeAreBorg

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    Here she is, created by the talented Ashley Nichols our little bat friend here is just adorable. She enjoys chatting, blogging, forum posting, researching, and making new friends. She's always up late at night (she's a bat after all) online discovering something new or talking online with friends. There is just one thing she needs some help with, and that's a name! We thought it would be fun if the community comes up with a name, so reply with your suggestion! Currently trending names: Cora Spondence Iris Agora Chatty Batty Misty Shadow Eko Bulletin Iris Skies/Iris Fang Chatty Bubble Little Quote Gleaming Dawn Floris Crescent Rally Nocturne Batina Vox Sultry Shadow Maddie Rater Daisy Skies Piper Postit
  5. WeAreBorg

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    There might be a poll once we get all the suggestions we can
  6. WeAreBorg

    URL Icon Confusion

    Your wish is my command. Share logo and favicon are now blue and say "forum"
  7. With our merge into EQD's forums, we were thinking of changing the rank names from fig related things. While I do enjoy seeing all the figgy puddings around, It maybe a bit out of context for the rest of the forums. So rather than myself coming up with new ranks myself, I thought I would ask all of you. Let us know below any and all suggestions for new rank names!
  8. WeAreBorg

    Show me your OC!

    Moved to Drawfriends because of all this amazing art!
  9. WeAreBorg

    Is there going to be a basic "Reply" function?

    Gotcha. At this time the forum software does not have this feature. I will see about adding a feature request with the creators.
  10. WeAreBorg

    Is there going to be a basic "Reply" function?

    While I don't recommend @Lord Seraph do that, he could PM the person and copy paste the quote box so the person being PMed could gain context.
  11. WeAreBorg

    Is there going to be a basic "Reply" function?

    Use the Quote feature to reply to someone in particular. When you do they should receive a notification that you mentioned them. You may also use @username i.e. @Lord Seraph and that should ping an individual as well under their notifications.
  12. WeAreBorg

    What site was this?

    Yep, it was a huge undertaking to do forums and a community like this and even crazier to convert it into EQD's forum. I hope you enjoy!
  13. WeAreBorg

    Bug Reporting

    This has been fixed. Thanks for reporting.
  14. WeAreBorg

    Global Forum Rules

    The Equestria Daily Forum Rules as they stand... Friendship is Magic. Regardless of how close to your heart and soul you hold the lessons of friendship taught by our favorite show, we can all agree that being friendly towards your fellow forum goers is best for everyone. This place is for you and everyone so have a good time and make some friends! Use your words for wisdom on the forum and save your weapons for war in one of our game servers. Be respectful of other forum users. Personal attacks on other members are most certainly not allowed. Do not provide porn to masses. We have legally underage users here and it is your responsibility to not make it easy for them to get the good stuff. This includes links, signatures, chat, voice and avatar pictures. Please post topics in their relevant categories and sections. It keeps things clean and cleanliness is next to Princessliness. Feel free to message a mod if you dun goofed and need your post moved. No reposting of EQD posts. Instead of doubling down on a conversation, please visit Equestria Daily's main site blog posts to talk on Disqus about the main site blog posts! Please wait 48 hours before posting about an identical topic on a blog post. This obviously doesn't include talk about upcoming episodes or movies. No leeching off the user base. We ask that you respect our hard work building our community by not posting links just to lead people to your own website. That's not very friendly! Role Play in the Hive. Unleashing your inner pony on an unsuspecting populace is practically an act of war. Please RP in designated containment areas only! Additionally please keep the language PG-13 as foals are out and about in full force. Threats of suicide are not allowed. This is not an appropriate venue to post your outcries for help if only for the sole reason that forums are a slow moving medium of discussion. Please find yourself a hotline if you need help. Rules are subject to change to close loopholes!
  15. WeAreBorg

    New Post Count Rank Names

    Yes, the custom ranks will still exist.
  16. Times are a changeling...

  17. WeAreBorg

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    In the year 1362: The Ottomans capture Philippopolis and Adrianopole (the modern-day city of Edirne) from the Byzantine Empire, reducing its territory to the city of Constantinople, part of the Peloponessus, and some islands.
  18. WeAreBorg

    Besiege: Legos for killing

    Anyone else play Besiege? I enjoy creating machines that can accomplish every mission in the game (so far!). My current favorite is a big, flying box with lots of balloons, 24 explosive mines, 3 axis maneuverability, and a lowerable mower deck. I'll post some pictures for it later once I'm on that computer. http://steamcommunity.com/games/346010/
  19. WeAreBorg


    Yeah we can try a reinstall of the server and a tiered plugin check to discover and fix any ping issues.
  20. WeAreBorg

    === Current Map List ===

    Key Stock Maps Custom Fast Download Server Maps Pony Maps "Workshop" Maps Vanilla Servers have the following... ctf_2fortctf_arenagate_b4 ctf_well ctf_sawmill ctf_doublecross ctf_landfall ctf_turbine_pro_rc5_a cp_granary cp_well cp_badlandscp_canterlot_wg_b2 cp_fastlane cp_yukon_final cp_freight_final1 cp_gullywash_final1 cp_foundry cp_process_final cp_snakewater_final1 cp_gravelpit cp_dustbowl cp_steel cp_egypt_final cp_gorge cp_mountainlab cp_antiquity_rc1 cp_warmerfront_rc2 koth_sawmill koth_nucleuskoth_ponyville_b4 koth_viaduct koth_harvest_final koth_lakeside_final koth_suijin koth_ashville_rc1 pl_goldrush pl_badwaterpl_badwater_pro_v8pl_barnblitz pl_barnblitz_pro6 pl_hoodoo_final pl_upward pl_thundermountain pl_frontier_final pl_borneo pl_cashworks_final1 pl_goldrock_b6 workshop/pl_AbandonedUpward.ugc454133929 workshop/koth_Arctic.ugc460499484 workshop/pl_Boundary.ugc456799153 workshop/cp_Croissant.ugc458840209 workshop/cp_Edifice.ugc454774252 workshop/pl_Escarpment.ugc454194336 workshop/cp_Glassworks.ugc454118349 workshop/ctf_Landfall.ugc459651881 workshop/pl_Pier.ugc454117739 workshop/koth_Product.ugc454272353 workshop/koth_Ramjam.ugc459778887 workshop/cp_Tidal.ugc454149394 workshop/pl_swiftwater_final.ugc473210550 workshop/ctf_Convoy.ugc483740681 cp_manor_event koth_harvest_event koth_lakeside_event koth_viaduct_event plr_hightower_event sd_doomsday_event ctf_2fort_invasion koth_probed arena_byre pd_watergate rd_asteroid workshop/koth_wubwubwub_remix_vip.ugc454155669 Additional Maps that are not in rotation but loaded on the server: All Stock Maps pl_deplane_b6 cp_lunas_castle_b4 cp_pony_fortress_rc3 dm_cloudsdale_b9 dm_lunar_b4 dm_lunar_b5 dm_manehatten_b5 dm_pony_skyrim_b2 dm_ponyville_classic_2014 dm_ponyville_poni_a1 koth_appleacres_b3 jb_ponyjail_a2_fix mlp_appleloosa_trainv2 mlp_dj_pon3s_clubv4 mlp_party workshop/cp_Sunshine.ugc454138250 //This map may have issues
  21. WeAreBorg


    That's damned cute. I also have grown found of calling her Fig. I just noticed how she has 4 colors in her mane and most ponies from the show don't have that.
  22. WeAreBorg

    Cross-server chat

    We will get on this. The cross server chat is easy enough to code if I have to do it from scratch or tweak a plugin to our needs. Also, we are still using Discord as our main out of game voice and text medium and hopefully they will have a bot/api to that we can integrate into such a plugin.
  23. WeAreBorg

    Possibly a server with a password lock?

    To add to @vman315 Barnyard will also be added to Quickplay and Tartarus will has its maxplayers reduced to 24.
  24. WeAreBorg

    Possibly a server with a password lock?

    We will not be implementing a server with a password. This goes against our core tenant of Friendship is Gaming. Also I feel this thread has disseminated into a "we hate pubs because they could be assholes", "we should polish up our ban hammers" rant. We will have more admins on during event times in any of the populated servers.