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  1. Fast Attack

    The Countdown Begins

    battlefield 2143 pls battlefield ww1 pls unfortunately i'm just expecting hardline 2 or something mediocre like that
  2. Fast Attack

    Why did you join the fandom?

    I started watching back in 2012 after hearing so many people discussing it while playing TF2. I ignored it for about a year, then I decided to re-watch and I was hooked the second time around.
  3. Fast Attack

    Who is best pony?

    rurry bes pone
  4. Fast Attack

    What Makes You Smile In TF2?

    Trimping across a map and accidentally killing someone when I land. I will never be able to do that again.
  5. Fast Attack


    I find when someone is trying their absolute hardest to win, they'll usually burn themselves out within a map or just leave to go stomp a more casual server. If they're persistent on not letting us get out of spawn I'll just do what I do best: leave and go play Splatoon or something.
  6. Fast Attack

    What do you main?

    Demoman for breaking through defenses Soldier for cleaning up behind friendly lines Kind of backwards from how it should be but both classes can be so versatile!