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  1. Heyo people, I completely forgot that I had registered here at some point in life so this is kind of a akward, unorganized and late introduction post I guess. Not really... I honestly have no social skill and I'm horrible when it comes to introducing myself to anyone at all, yet here I am.. about to try my best at an introduction so that you people can get a somewhat weird picture about who I might be. I'll start off with the really basic thing, I used to be an anti-brony which makes this even more akward for me. I was converted into a brony through a long process called growing up which lead to me being neutral towards the fandom for a while until I decided to actually watch an episode (Yes I know, I hated it without really knowing what it was but honestly thats what all anti-bronies do, they're sheeps following whoever screams the loudest) back in 2015. I was gonna watch an episode before going to bed but kinda ended up staying up until morning (heh, woops). Which brings me here, 2 years later, trying to post an introduction for myself to a bunch of people that I don't know. And still I havent really introduced myself... I'm a rather anti-social person who treat outsiders like aliens and close friends like family... I'm extremely akward whenever I meet anyone new, unless I'm playing a game because I completely forget that I'm talking to strangers then. I am of course sorry for any spelling mistakes that I've made (if I made any) since I'm extremely nervous as mentioned in the title. For more information send me a message I guess. I'm also looking for someone to play games with since most of the people I play with has booped off to oblivion for the summer.
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    Unorganized and nervous introduction

    Terror... Definetly Terror
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    PSN Sharing Thread

    Tag for ps4 is Uten111 I mostly play the f2p games on there because I'm more of a PC gamer, but I recently got Battlefield Hardline if anyone has any interest in that... Also got CoD Advanced Warfare and Blops 3.
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    Gamer tags

    Steam: Hyperthermia I'm not adding private or level 0 profiles...