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  1. Nice to meet you, too! Sorry it took so long for a response.
  2. Raritastic

    Any Tips on Replacing USB Ports?

    You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help with that. If possible, you might want to use a powered USB hub for the loose USB port on the left. That way, it should only loosen when attaching and removing the hub, while any devices you want to use with the port would only cause the hub’s ports to weaken. I don’t know how weak the port on the left is, though, so this might not work. Something else that might help temporarily with the loose ports could be a small, bottom-weighted Lego set consisting of one (or more) 4x2 brick(s), 1x1 or 2x1 bricks on the sides, and a flat piece connecting them on top. The headphone cable would then go through the middle area. I don’t know if this would be of any help since I haven’t tried this, though.
  3. Raritastic

    Any Tips on Replacing USB Ports?

    I’ve done some searching, and found the HP Pavilion G6 Maintenance and Service Guide on HP’s website. Page 73 (Safari’s PDF reader) and page 65 (HP’s own page numbering) show how to replace the right-side USB port near the power jack after removing the battery, service door, hard drive, DVD drive, keyboard, and top cover. That port comes on a board and doesn’t require soldering, but the two on the left do require soldering. According to the service manual, the spare part number for the USB board is “641145-001”. I tried to use HP’s spare parts search option on their website, but this part isn’t available anymore on there. I did find a few sites selling it, such as an Amazon listing and a listing on Impact Computers. It seems that Impact Computers isn’t a very good company based on my research (at least one person complained about being sent the wrong part and getting charged a large restocking fee because IC said it was the customer’s fault and that the part wasn’t defective). The Amazon listing is being sold by “Ersazza” and they have only 84% positive in the last 12 months, with 25 ratings. I have found quite a few listings for this part on Ebay by searching for “pavilion g6 usb board”, but searching for “641145-001” brings up one result from “diyitparts” with a big list of compatible models. Their profile shows 100% positive feedback in the last 12 months, and ship from Australia. As of writing this, the listing shows the price being approximately $15.87 US, with AusPost Registered Post International Parcel international shipping being about $21.28 US. This totals about $37.15 US. My old laptop is an HP Pavilion G6, and I’ve noticed the USB port near the power connector having issues in the past as well (if that’s the one you’re having issues with), but I stopped using that port as soon as I identified the issues with it. I hope you can get your USB port(s) working correctly successfully soon.
  4. Raritastic

    The Pony After Me (T.P.A.M.)

    True, specifically jean shorts, unless it’s cold, in which case I wear jeans when possible. TPAM is excited for Smash Ultimate.
  5. Raritastic

    The Pony After Me (T.P.A.M.)

    True, though my only exposure was the 8BitDrummer video. TPAM likes dark chocolate better than milk chocolate.
  6. Raritastic

    Weird dreams

    (Hopefully this post is recent enough to respond and not be awkward) I once had a dream in 2016 where I was on the highway in the passenger seat of a car driven by the person opposite my mom. I looked out the windshield, then my vision had a telescopic zoom and zoomed way over to the two lanes on the left side of the road. These two lanes went with my two lanes instead of going “south” where mine went “north”. My eyes focused on Luna in Source Filmmaker style driving a motorcycle but herself not moving as if she was a toy placed into the motorcycle seat. For some reason, she had her mouth slightly open while staring straight ahead. My vision then returned to regular then. I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want him to know that I watched MLP, but I was really excited anyway. Even though I was 15/16 at the time, I was much younger in the dream. Another time just a few months ago, I had a dream about Berry Punch. I wrote about it in detail on DeviantArt, but basically, she was hurt on the road so I get her into the car’s back seat and get to a place she can get better.
  7. Raritastic

    Things You Hate In Games You Love

    1. The difficulty spike for the true final boss of the original Superstar Saga is awful, unless you basically cheat using a Mush Badge AA on both Bros., School Slacks on Luigi, and #1 Trousers on Mario. I haven’t played the 3DS remake, but there’s no Mush Badge AA, just the A variant. I didn’t even beat the game until after Chuggaaconroy uploaded the finale of his LP, though I got to that point around or slightly before 2011. 2. The Boos in the Boolossus fight from Luigi’s Mansion get so far away that it’s hard to get the ice to touch them, thus making the battle take a really long time, unless you’re lucky or a speedrunner. Again, I haven’t played the 3DS remake. 3. The Forsaken Fortress in Wind Waker. It just takes so long because of all the hiding in barrels. I once got some Rupees taken away by a rat in the cutscene where a Moblin captures you. Hopefully that last one was fixed in HD, though I haven’t played it before. 4. Dream Team is pretty good, but the bed part collecting section of the game takes a long time to get past. Once I was past that, I thought the final area was fun, and the penultimate battle was fun, too, but why does Bowser have to keep eating to restore health so often!? I just used the “easy mode” to finish the game. 5. Mario Sunshine’s Sand Bird, the poisonous river in Bianco Hills, The Manta Storm, The Watermelon Festival, timed Red Coin shines. Need I say more? Of those, I’ve only completed the Sand Bird and Manta Storm I think. In general, Mario Sunshine is an unexpectedly tough game, especially the later levels. Other than those, I can’t really think of any other things that I don’t like in games I actually do like. Especially Superstar Saga, that game is really important to me because of my situation when playing through the majority of it during the summer of the year between 2009 and 2011.
  8. As the title says, I’ve been reading EQD for a while, more specifically around late January, 2016. Today, I decided to join the forums since I thought it could be fun to interact in a forum (forums also help with reducing social anxiety since I can process things at my own speed, rather than talking in person). I’ve been watching the show since January 15, 2016. The main reason why I started was because Chuggaaconroy also watched it, and I like his videos. In December 2015, I noticed some ponies on Chugga’s shelves in one of the Stephenvlog videos, so I did research and discovered that Chugga did watch it. My mom is the only person that I’ve told that I watch it, and she was ok with it since she likes horses (she showed them when she was in 4-H and has a few horses right now that she rides) and has at least one G1 plush, with her other one somewhere else (she doesn’t know where it is for sure). Other than ponies, I also play video games (mostly Nintendo), make YouTube videos (technology and gaming, mostly), and develop software (mostly using VB dot Net since it’s easy to use and makes sense for how my brain works). I’d rather not link to my profiles with my real name, but I will say that I make pony references in my Let’s Play videos (ponies are a bit of an obsession, obviously). I do have a DeviantArt account, being “db100-da” over there (db100 was taken). “db” stands for “database”, and “100” is the first thing I thought of for a number. Something else I like to do is build computers. My current destop was built in October 2014, and I upgrade it every so often. My favorite cat color is calico, and my calico cat isn’t around anymore, sadly. My favorite mane ponies are Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rarity, with Fluttershy and Rarity in a close 2nd place tie, sometimes with one coming ahead if only one of the two are in a particular scene, or even trading 2nd based on whoever of the two is currently speaking. My favorite princess is Luna, which seems appropriate since blue/dark blue is my favorite color. For favorite operating systems, on the desktop, it would be Windows 7, though I currently use Windows 10 and really wish Windows 7 could be optimised at a low level like 10’s version of NT. Windows 10 isn’t too bad with several group policy tweaks, though, and I like how much smoother it is. For mobile, Windows Phone 8.1 is something I really miss, but iOS 12 isn’t too far off (no quiet hours text breakthrough for some reason is weird, but it’s also made by Apple, sooo...)