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  1. Button Mash is a background pony who debuted in Hearts and Hooves Day and Ponyville Confidential. The first pair of voice actors who come to mind, whom I think would be best for the part because they sound the most like ShadyVox and ElieMonty, are Greg Cipes and Christy Carlson Romano. Button Mash already sounded like Beast Boy to me, and while I can't make the same comparison of Elaina's voice to Kim Possible, I wanted to fulfill ILoveKimPossibleALot's wish to have Kim Possible's voice actor in Friendship is Magic. I know most of MLP's voice actors live in Canada, but most of the writers live in the US, where a lot of voice actors come to visit fans in various conventions around the country because the show's country of first publication is the United States of America. I also think it would be nice for Twilight Sparkle's voice to reunite with one of her fellow Teen Titans and Middleton High School students. If you have any ideas for Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York City, or Toronto voice actors whom you think should voice Button Mash and his mom, or if you think we should sign a petition to get Button Mash and Elaina to have an actual role in MLP episodes despite the cease-and-desist between JanAnimations and Hasbro, please tell me.