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  1. Peachy Perfect


    it is quite easy to do something like that, but I hope nothing too bad goes on here! This place seems chill enough.
  2. Peachy Perfect

    Anything goes

    Yes! Bring out the sex goblins!!!!
  3. Peachy Perfect

    Who would like to do an oc roleplay

    I have two ocs. When are we getting together? what forum?!
  4. Peachy Perfect

    My Little Pony: The Movie - General Discussion

    OK. Sooooooo.... the movie was interesting. I love the pony community and I feel like the movie showed a lot, but the movie sucked. I actually really liked the concept, but the animation was quite off from the OG show. A lot left me to feel confused or wondering about a lot. I wasn't sure what was happening for a lot, and the ending was so-so. I feel that out-of-Equestria was never really explained, so giving it an all movie explanation and than trying to keep up with everything else was too much. I'm a bit late to all the forums on this, but every-pony's opinion matters. Friendship is magic, and the movie showed that. I wish I knew a bit more though. I liked it in the end, so it was worth it. Thanks for being here, My Little Pony. One thing may bug me, but you give me hope each day. The movie shows things aren't always going to go your way, but it should end well in the end of the day. My life ends well each night when I watch the show or the movies. Everything has been better.Thanks.
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    Hello Everypony

    Sup, Ya'll!!!