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    I won't be very unique here, but I'll go with human here
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    Name: Nitro Race:Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 17 Personality: Caring, horrible comic, will gladly take a hit if it means keeping somepony safe, A bit troubled at times, very mellow, follower but will take leadership role when necessary, loyal to the very end, a tad bit guillible, merciful Description (can be picture): Backstory: After seeing his parents beaten to death by an unknown stallion at age 8, Nitro decided to train himself in case such an event ever happened again. On his 13th birthday, he confronted his parents assailant and the 2 duked it out. Nitro was successful in his vengeance, but let the stallion live. Instead of letting it go, the stallion pierced Nitro with a pitch fork the very next day. Upon entering Tartarus he met Death. Death thought the colt's life was ended short and knew of his intense fighting skills. Death then made a deal with Nitro. Nitro would be able to return to the land of the living, but only if he sought out to help and protect those who needed it. Nitro agreed to these terms and was sent back to Equestria. He remains with no cutie mark because of this dark magic that brought him back to life. He also knew that said magic was forbidden and kept to himself of his past for the past 4 years. He has also been given a relic from Death, the magic storage emerald. This gem stores all of Nitro's dark magic that he can use until he needs them.