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  1. how do u post pics? I want so post some of them on here and I cant find out how.:pinkieshrug:

    1. PinkiePie97


      You have to upload it to another site, copy the URL from there, then click "Insert other media" (which can be found right above "Submit Reply", then click "Insert image from URL", paste the URL into the box that appears, then click "Insert into post".

  2. Deathclaw101

    Greetings ponies and creatures!

    but first pinkie has to give me back the cake grenade...
  3. Deathclaw101

    Greetings ponies and creatures!

    mwahahaaa! yessss I shall attack everyone with cupcakes!
  4. hello everyone! I am another new creature waiting to make friends and talk about magic!!!!