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  1. MoltenKitten

    Discord Mod App

    Name: MoltenKitten #2562 Age: 20 Favorite Pony: Whatever Seth's flavor of the week is Fluttershy Why do you want to be an EQD Mod? I want to be a mod because I have been in this server long before it was even a part of EQD, to this day it is still the discord server I find myself to be most active in even if admittedly I mostly just lurk in the channels outside of the gaming channel. Also AI pressured me into it. What prior moderation/administration experience do you have, if any? Currently running a very small discord server but I'm also an ex server admin for a gaming group, the group is still around they just shut down the server I was staff on to make room for other projects. Time Zone: US EST Anything else you'd like to share: If you try to fail and succeed, what have you done?
  2. MoltenKitten

    Let's just...

    I actually agree that the TF2 section should be nuked, it's a waste of space that never gets used.
  3. MoltenKitten

    Serious Discussion?

    Of all the fandoms I have been in, this one is probably the least toxic. Extremely cringy at times but not toxic.
  4. If you have it on steam or from GoG you should have gotten an update, you'll notice that all the gamespy stuff is gone and that the server list is actually usable. Unfortunately you can only have 4 actual players in a server, I don't know if this is intentional or not.
  5. MoltenKitten


    I can personally guarantee you that you will not see a pop up ad, although I have seen some ads here that I would consider cringy
  6. MoltenKitten

    Update Site Rules for 21st Century

    So you policed the language on the forum because the parents of two kids (who according to this COPPA thing shouldn't be there) didn't realize that in the real world people don't speak in rainbows, flowers, and unicorns? It's better to lose a few members because of some stupid parents than to censor people.
  7. MoltenKitten

    Update Site Rules for 21st Century

    Dude, when I was 13 I was swearing up a storm. I can guarantee that any cursing we do here has already been heard by 90% of 13 year olds.
  8. MoltenKitten

    Spoiler tag/option

    when you make a thread there is a section for adding tags
  9. MoltenKitten

    Discord Widget

    I noticed we don't have a widget for the official Discord server which means you have to dig for the link. Could we add one to here as well as the actual site?
  10. hey its been a while huh?

    whats up do you like the change?

  11. MoltenKitten

    Is this the first sign?

    This is probably going to come some time after the pyro update
  12. MoltenKitten

    An Idea To Stop The Spambots

    These bots start spamming the instant they're activated, this would be useless
  13. MoltenKitten


    just copy paste the image url and then press space
  14. MoltenKitten

    Is the Far Cry 5 Trailer Offensive? - Thoughts

    People will flip shit at anything these days, and the sad part is that 9 times out of 10 they are getting offended for other people who just think "ok".