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  1. World of Tanks

    I have a hatred for the developer, but the game's fun enough. Anyone else play?
  2. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    http://logs.tf/1575735#76561197979328119 http://logs.tf/1575703#76561197979328119 http://logs.tf/1575708#76561197979328119 http://logs.tf/1575687#76561197979328119
  3. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    Well, due to market trade holds everyone's prize will be delayed until December, sorry.
  4. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    Whelp, Team 1 won, Luigifan, Wizardmixn, Chowdie, and Krow congrats. It went down a lot messier than I wanted but I learned a lot and there may be more in the future, just not anytime soon. http://challonge.com/quacksgiving4v4tf2
  5. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    Connect info has been sent for the first match between teams 1 and 4, chech your forum messages or Discord for it.
  6. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    STV info: connect server.teamg1.us:27020 Connect
  7. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    luck and subjective judgement
  8. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    Teams http://challonge.com/quacksgiving4v4tf2 Again, here is a purpose-made Discord server if you wish to use it or the in game voice chat. https://discord.gg/JserzG2 Teams have been assigned in a semi-random manner to distribute skill as evenly as possible. Team 1: Minion StaryKrow Wizardmixn Chowdie Team 2: Yamiks NightCrow RainbowDash956 Doof Great Value Pasta Team 3: AuraBlaster MuddyFudger Degree Vin Team 4: Balanced Insanity Butters Austin Jesus Hooves Standarten
  9. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    Final player count: AuraBlaster Balanced Insanity Yamiks RainbowDash956 Butters Austin Minion Jesus Hooves Muddyfudger Doof Degree StaryKrow Vin Linkuser Chowdie Standarten Great Value Pasta WizardMixn Here is a purpose-made Discord server if you wish to use it. https://discord.gg/JserzG2 Teams have been delayed due to all of the late comers to the torunament.
  10. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    Wrong competetive, this is community, not mm.
  11. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    Game time is in 20 minutes, players will have until then to confirm and have their team assigned. Teams will not be disclosed until then. Maps are: koth_Badlands koth_Product Connect info will be dm'd to your forum or steam account
  12. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    List of Approved Players: No prior experience: WizardMixn Funx2 Mrs. Vinyl Ninja Great Value Spaghetti Pasta AuraBlaster Confirmed Balanced Insanity Confirmed Defender t Yamiks Confirmed Butters Austin Confirmed Have played competitive TF2 before but have no significant experience: Minion Confirmed Jesus Hooves Confirmed RainbowDash956 Lupin MuddyFudger Confirmed Aerose Doof Confirmed Degree Confirmed StaryKrow Confirmed Have significant experience and will be subjected to restrictions or denied. Some Players in this category will be denied as the player count determines.: Vin Confirmed Linkuser Confirmed Toki Confirmed Chowdie Confirmed Standartenf├╝hrer Confirmed All approved players must post in this thread for final confirmation.
  13. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    The current list of approved players will be out soon but the determined format will be 4 Teams of 4v4. As only one team has kinda signed up, all players will be assigned to one of four teams. There are currently 16 applications to process so encourage your friends to participate.
  14. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    The tournament has been moved to Friday and Saturday the 18th and 19th.
  15. The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    Sure, stream it, spectate it, do anything.