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  1. DictatorDuck

    Saturday Night TF2 Weekly Events

    A weekday one would be nice too, since I'm busy on the weekends.
  2. DictatorDuck

    Who Wants This Beautiful Rarity?

    Skins are really hard sells. When you get really desperate see what Geel'll underpay you for.
  3. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episode 19 - Discussion

    Very good episode. I don't think there was a lesson, but it was a very sweet episode. Lots of catbird butt too.
  4. DictatorDuck

    UGC HL S20 / UGC 6s S22 / ESEA S23 / ETF2L 6s S25 Thread

    https://www.ugcleague.com/team_page.cfm?clan_id=23324 Freshly Picked FiG's might return for 6's next season if I can get a few more.
  5. DictatorDuck

    Harmless Bugs & Animals You're Afraid of

    I try to not be as scared of spiders any more but the big ones still do. Also, wasps and yellow jackets. Fuck them.
  6. DictatorDuck

    Wanna play TF2 comp?

    Whelp, the last team was a bit of a mess to let's try this again. I'm forming another community team to play in the next season of UGC 6's. Anyone is welcome to apply. The requirements are: Must be available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8-10 PM EST. Must have a decent understanding of the game. Mentoring is an option but a few hundred hours of experience with some competent dm skill and a will to improve is the minimum. Prior comp experience is preferred, but optional. The team will be in either Iron or Steel, depending on who's interested. Must have a functioning mic Must be pleasant Add me on Steam and leave a comment if you're interested. A lot of this will be worked out once a few people are interested. Nothing's final.
  7. DictatorDuck

    Interest Check: MGE Tournament

    Sure, even though I'll get destroyed.
  8. DictatorDuck

    LFM TF2 6's team

    Go there for details.
  9. DictatorDuck


    There's still not enough people to sustain the servers even when seeded. We need to push the Steam group more.
  10. DictatorDuck

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    Figgy Pudding A bit of personality on gaming would be nice as well. I know its generic but it'd be nice to have some of the old.
  11. DictatorDuck

    FanFiction Epics

    I'd hardly call 15 words an epic. Usually I reserve that for hundreds of thousands of words. I present to you The Chase (warning, NSFW), the longest ponyfic on Fimfiction. I'm maybe 65 chapters behind on it's 2.3 million word glory and it's a pretty good read if you like the author's style. It starts off as slice of life but then starts alternating with action adventure. I don't know what to say other than that it's huge. The scale, the number of characters, the number of things that happen and are hinted to are so many. It somehow stays not overwhelming but just beware that it's a long and complex ride. The author is a full time ponyfic writer so there's also plenty of other stuff to read if you like his style. Shifting Melodies is a relatively recent changeling fic that sits at 1 million words. It's opposite of the chase in that it starts out full of action then tones down to a wonderful slice of life fic. Very suggestive and heavy on romance, especially after things tone down. Unlike most epics it doesn't involve the main character saving the world so treat it like just a actiony romance fic that has an extended part of after things (mostly) settle down. Both are romance with action and slice of life and have cloptional parts in separate "lost" stories that you'll have to find on your own. The Life and Times of a Winning Pony is one of the legendary ponyfics, and like most it's got a good reason. The name should speak for itself. Just be aware that it's very heavy on the slice of life. There's even a sequel in the works. The multi-volume Iron Hearts is one of the best, and biggest, crossover fics out there. It's around 1.2 million words and still going and it's what you'd expect from a Warhammer 40k fic. If you don't know it's full of action and violence (but not towards ponies) through and through.
  12. DictatorDuck

    TF2 Analysis

  13. DictatorDuck

    Game server links

    Still need events to jumpstart them.
  14. DictatorDuck

    Why did you come on EQD?

    The old PF2 server before FiG got me into TF2 so I just stuck around. Hopefully with the new people we can revive the servers.
  15. DictatorDuck

    LFP Steel/Silver

    You should probably stick to iron until you place around the top of it with a solid roster.
  16. DictatorDuck

    So will all these Newfriends...

    There's gotta be a few ones that play the game regularly. I say we do a big event or something after the rush of new members is over.
  17. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episode 16 - Discussion

    8/10 I didn't like how quickly Shining Armor changed and the song particularly well but the overall episode was quite nice, mostly because we finally see changelings.
  18. DictatorDuck

    Accessing the FiG TF2 servers

    This. I've tried seeding the servers and inviting people but there's just not enough people coming in without events.
  19. DictatorDuck

    Comp Reporting Works!

    Looks like reporting works and you even get a notification! Remember to report anyone who appears to be cheating. This doesn't mean just a good sniper or spy. Look for consistent headshots, invisible players being shot perfectly, and low play time. Press escape and then the report button near the top if you do. Even if they're on your team you should report as a more fair experience benefits everyone. With lmaobox back around it's nice that Valve is giving us a way to improve our community.
  20. DictatorDuck

    Matchmaking can break TF2

    It looks like a rare bug, but closing the game when loading a competitive match or after finishing a match can lead to a "CUtlLinkedList overflow (memory allocation error)" when starting TF2. TF2 will only crash if logged in to the affected account, other accounts on the same computer are not affected and TF2 can be launched on the affected account if Steam is offline (with no VAC servers or items). It appears to be on Valve's end and there is no fix. The only way to avoid it is to not play competitive matchmaking I wouldn't be too concerned about it. It's a pretty rare bug and there'll be a fix out soon. Source if you want to keep updated on it: http://www.teamfortress.tv/35062/comp-mm-can-break-tf2
  21. DictatorDuck

    What is Discord?

  22. DictatorDuck

    The Meet Your Match Update is Coming [TF2 Blog]

    It's a shame that they did since it was already pretty balanced but I think it was run in mm because guaranteed uber advantage is better than overheal and full ubers with the inconsistent player quality. The change benefits the game overall and it's the easiest way of fixing the problem, but it's a shame that med loses a gun over it.
  23. DictatorDuck

    The Meet Your Match Update is Coming [TF2 Blog]

    I'm pretty sure it was nerfed to end the quick fix meta in mm that existed for some reason.
  24. DictatorDuck

    The Meet Your Match Update is Coming [TF2 Blog]

    http://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=22759 YES! Teleporter, spy movement speed, and (effective) medic movement speed buffs were all good changes. My only gripe is that cola wasn't nerfed that bad.
  25. DictatorDuck

    Civ 5

    It's nice that they're making cities less boring and wonders less spammy. In my experience the multiplayer is plagued with connection issues. It's still great fun just remember to save backups and if you're going to use any DLC everyone needs it.