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    >CLOP shuts down

    No, not that kind of clop. This was posted here before but I don't think anyone else actually played it. >CLOP was a pony themed spreadsheet-centric browser game based on >BLOC about managing a country. It'll probably be my only exposure to anything close to /mlp/ but the community was dedicated (until it died) and friendly. The reason I posted this is because the admin and creator decided to post the source (It's safe) with permission for people to host the game themselves. The game's board is /compounds/ on 8chan. I'm mostly posting this so the game dies with some dignity, not that I was terribly involved in the game's dying community. Oh Badmin, if only you had managed it better. If anything there's some pretty cool assets in there.
  2. DictatorDuck

    Ambient - The Horse Game

    I'm not sure I'll like the gameplay but I'll prolly buy it anyways because horse.
  3. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episode 12 - Discussion

    Pretty average overall. The song was an interesting style though.
  4. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episode 11 - Discussion

    Assertive Fluttershy is... nice. I wonder if the episode's theme was inspired partly because of the fandom and the stereotypes surrounding it? Overall a pretty good episode that nicely showcases Fluttershy's developed character. It was also a wonderful display of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's "friendship." FlutterDash until death. Better than last week's episode at least. hopefully we'll get some more good ones before the hiatus arrives.
  5. DictatorDuck

    UGC Highlander Season 19 - The Thread

    Season 19 Iron participant medal here I come!
  6. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episode 10 - Discussion

    Looked like filler. What was the lesson, efficiency? At least we got Appleyak.
  7. Yes, I know we already have a thread up, this is just a final announcement before we start recruiting away from home. Freshly Picked FiG's is an iron HL team playing in UGC season 19. Most of our roster is already established, but so long as you can consistently show up and sub, it'll be easy to get a place as a starting player. To be accepted you must be able to consistently show up to practice on Saturdays and Fridays at 8:00 to 9:30/10:00 PM EDT. Match days will be on Mondays from 8:00 to 10:00 PM. It's ok to miss a few practices so long as you inform us at least a few hours beforehand. Due to the limits placed upon Iron players, the highest level of prior experience allowed is Steel. Our biggest problem is inexperience which stems from us having to run so many new and inconsistent players. We are currently down a scout and demoman but we will accept anyone willing to play and learn multiple classes. Current skill level is irrelevant so long as you can commit yourself to improving. If you would like to join add me on Steam at: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198102343726/
  8. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episode 9 - Discussion

    A very entertaining episode, the fanservice tho. Also, one survived:
  9. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episode 8 - Discussion

    Luna got her own song! Great episode and songs, a shame we don't get more of these high-quality musical episodes. Prolly now my favorite retelling of the story because pony.
  10. DictatorDuck

    Hello people !

  11. DictatorDuck

    >CLOP shuts down

    A couple of the older players said that the move from /mlp/, which happened before I joined, killed the influx of new players. There's also a /mlp/ TF2 server but it doesn't get populated too often.
  12. DictatorDuck

    Battlefield 1 Trailer

    Armor will change things up, although hopefully they will limit it's use for the sake of accuracy and balance. Also, chemical warfare and melee weapons. They claimed there would be more dynamic terrain with things like artillery leaving craters.
  13. DictatorDuck

    Overwatch Actually Open Beta

    Most of the ults amount to "don't clump up or you wipe." It'd be nice to see more variety besides just powerful aoe's. Prolly not going to buy it since the game's pretty expensive and I've already got TF2.
  14. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episode 7 - Discussion

    First the CMC, then this! Rainbow Trash How can an episode go downhill so fast? I could tell it was going to get worse when she forgot the rule but how could it get so cringey? Good ending, although as a whole it reminded me too much of Spike's more cringey episodes. Not a very good episode overall, although there were some nice moments. There'll be some great fan content coming out of this.
  15. DictatorDuck

    Battlefield 1 Trailer

    It'll be interesting to see how the game will be balanced, hopefully the maps will be designed to stop stalemates. Time to get my pointy helmet. For the Kaiser!
  16. DictatorDuck

    Overwatch Actually Open Beta

    Played Mercy, she's pretty different from the medic. Also, I love burly Russian lady.
  17. DictatorDuck

    Infinite Warfare Trailer

    I'd be surprised if they didn't release alone it at a later date.
  18. DictatorDuck

    Steam Skins

    The Chrysalis one is nice, it's close enough to the default look that the change isn't jarring.
  19. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episode 6 - Discussion

    A great episode that really brings out why I watch mlp, great comedy with some serious parts.
  20. DictatorDuck

    The Countdown Begins

    I might get it if it looks like not Hardline.
  21. DictatorDuck

    Nation States

  22. DictatorDuck

    cp_powerhouse ?

  23. DictatorDuck

    Hello, hello!

  24. DictatorDuck

    Battleborn Open Beta Test From *NOW* Until the 18th

    I might give it a try.
  25. DictatorDuck

    Help with demo playback

    I've dropped the demos in the tf folder but they aren't visible when I try to load them from the playback window. Trying to play them using the console brings up the error: I had no problem with playing a test demo but, oddly enough, I couldn't find it with file explorer. There's probably something really simple I'm missing but I have no idea what.