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  1. DictatorDuck

    Help with demo playback

    I believe the issue is with all downloaded demos, although I did verify the integrity of the game cache.
  2. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episode 4 - Discussion

    One of the better cmc episodes, maybe I'll actually like them this season. Also:
  3. DictatorDuck

    What are you listening to?

    Viewer discretion is advised:
  4. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episode 3 - Discussion

    A great reminder of how great Maud is. Wonderful episode overall, my only gripe is Maud using intimidation to get the bag. That really took away from the lesson. Also:
  5. DictatorDuck

    S6 - Episodes 1 & 2 - Discussion

    Starlight needs more development! Worldbuilding season's looking good so far! Did they really have to make her an alicorn though?
  6. DictatorDuck

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello and welcome!
  7. DictatorDuck

    General TF2 Ranked Match Making Thread

    Ran into a team of aimbots while in a party. That red name I got stuck around for a bit.
  8. DictatorDuck

    How in the world did I miss this?

    Welcome to horsegameland!
  9. DictatorDuck

    Nation States

    I present to you... the people of the Imperium! At least they're a productive bunch....
  10. Anyone interested in partying during stress tests? Add me and I'll send invites to anyone online.
  11. DictatorDuck

    Nation States

  12. DictatorDuck

    General TF2 Ranked Match Making Thread

    Do custom main menus disable matchmaking? I might have to find a replacement for my outdated hud if that's so.
  13. DictatorDuck

    Nation States

    Higher GDP per capita than the United States! It's not the highest economic millstone, and I had to get rid of those pesky rights, but progress!
  14. We probably just organize a scrim among the group with 31 members. Soon we could consider making a sister team if everyone in the group's still serious about it. I suggest we make a Discord for this kind of discussion.
  15. DictatorDuck

    The Greatest Horse Lord

    Looks like an interesting game, especially with the promise of more horses.
  16. DictatorDuck

    My Ping is having a heart attack when I get on the servers!

    I have that same problem from Georgia.
  17. DictatorDuck

    Nation States

    "The military invades any neighboring nation with the gall to criticize its policies, and anti-government web sites are springing up." Only we can insult us!
  18. DictatorDuck

    Fallout Equestria vidya gaem is live

    It looks beautiful for a fan made game.
  19. DictatorDuck

    Best Pony Competition!

    Your horse is inferior!
  20. DictatorDuck

    Nation States

    I lost my gambling industry, I'm pretty sure my GDP per capita has halved, and ducks are almost extinct. At least there's no pesky political freedom!
  21. DictatorDuck

    Bug Reporting

    You listed issues so I'll just post this here. Signing up with Steam uses the current Steam name which seems to be permanent here. Thanksgiving's over and I would like to use my normal name now. I would be fine with just admin action. ~DictatorDuck, not turkey
  22. DictatorDuck

    Make War Not Love 3 4 Free!

    Here! I'll probably never play any of them, but free stuff.
  23. DictatorDuck

    Nation States

    Who needs a bike with a thriving automobile industry? "Following new legislation in The Imperium of Duck, organ donation rates have hit a new low." oops
  24. DictatorDuck

    Looking back at Spore...

    Ugh, Spore, one of my first pc games and my first encounter with drm. I still have the disk, and my actually working pirated copy.