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    Nation States

    The Imperium of Duck is now located in Union of Equestria.
  2. I think RainbowBat messaged me about this. Is there room for this prime scrub?
  3. DictatorDuck

    Guardians of Harmony toyline revealed!

    Ponies with swords? At least nightmare Moon's been keeping her trend of pretty decent toys. Is it just me or does Celestia's face look strange at this angle?
  4. DictatorDuck

    What are you listening to?

    Dental Damn by PegasYs: There's a lot of good music to be found through Hoofsounds. 174UDSI, Nicolas Dominique, Hydra, and PonyFireStone are a few other artists I'm quite fond of.
  5. DictatorDuck

    What do you think about this (+18)

    I did a search with some keywords related to the video.
  6. DictatorDuck

    What do you think about this (+18)

    Suddenly a random gore post? I found an obscure unsourced forum post regarding the video. Here's the interesting bits: Again, no sources, it's from an obscure place, and it appears to be referring to a longer version of the video, but it's the closest thing I could find. Believe it if you want. Don't jump off of dangerous places. And if you do, do it in a place with good healthcare.
  7. DictatorDuck

    FiG Fridays?

    What happened to them?
  8. DictatorDuck

    league of legends

    I am a terrible player that hardly even plays and is unranked, but I do know the basics of the game.
  9. Foolsgrid... what a map! Why not just add them on one of the normal servers then? "Serious" maps like Sunshine and pro variants wouldn't aren't really a big enough change to warrant a dedicated server
  10. DictatorDuck

    The Christmas Swag Thread

    For this Christmas my favorite gift was some wonderful time with family.... Maybe not the best since, despite all being friendly, we're a bit distant due to... distance. I also got some money and gift cards (Fallout 4 here I come), the usual hygiene products and clothes, and exotic souvenirs from my well-traveled kin.
  11. There are probably others on here more suited to making this post... but it's been some time so I'll just put this out there. Wave goodbye to Silver Eagle, now former Lord of Pony Media. From here: tl;dr Quiet change of management for PVL, Poniverse is taking over hosting for PVL, welcome our new overlords with open arms. Further Reading: http://silvereaglepvl.tumblr.com/post/135162403712/retiring-bravely-blue-what-happens-next-for http://news.ponyvillelive.com/post/135213219828/ponyville-live-lives-poniverse-and-the-future-of It looks like they already have gaming forums and a TF2 server with Friday game nights. New rivalry or 'nother friendship? Probably nothing since this isn't a merging. Discuss and add to.
  12. I am DictatorDuck outside of the holiday season and I've been a brony for almost two years. I mostly read ponyfics and play TF2 badly and I was a part of PF2's player base for a time. I'm not sure what I'm going to do around here. And now for a late message from best pony: We should call ourselves FiGgers.
  13. What better way to promote obscure musicians than make an obscure Youtube channel that promotes them! I was just browsing Youtube when I found this nice channel that deserves a little attention: Cider Party is a Youtube channel that promotes pony electronic music from the lesser known artists in the fandom. The songs are sorted by subgenre in playlists and there are download links in each description. There's ~150 songs all hand picked for anyone looking to freshen up their electronic pony music library. They've even released their own collaboration ep on Bandcamp and all the music and art assets look quality for the attention it's been given. Something good that's already established and only needs more people to use it. Sounds familiar....
  14. DictatorDuck

    A fun pony browser game!

    >CLOP is a pony browser game that parodies the country simulator >BLOC. Directly copied from the site: >CLOP is a game of war, politics, markets, deals, and ponies. Join an alliance, build an empire, and rule your equines how you like. Be warned- what is easily established is easily overthrown, and if you displease or neglect your nation, you will no longer have it. Featuring frequent ticks and a robust trading system, >CLOP is an addictive, maddening experience for aspiring politicians and horse lovers alike. The game's pretty dead at ~35 active players but it doesn't take much dedication past checking back a few times a day and it's a lot of fun, and a lot of the community is off of 4chan... yea. Despite that, the game is clean and the community is very welcoming of new players! Check it out at clop.us!