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  1. Teams


    Again, here is a purpose-made Discord server if you wish to use it or the in game voice chat.

    Teams have been assigned in a semi-random manner to distribute skill as evenly as possible.

    Team 1:






    Team 2:





    Great Value Pasta


    Team 3:






    Team 4:

    Balanced Insanity

    Butters Austin

    Jesus Hooves


  2. List of Approved Players:

    No prior experience:



    Mrs. Vinyl


    Great Value Spaghetti Pasta

    AuraBlaster Confirmed

    Balanced Insanity Confirmed

    Defender t

    Yamiks Confirmed

    Butters Austin Confirmed

    Have played competitive TF2 before but have no significant experience:

    Minion Confirmed

    Jesus Hooves Confirmed



    MuddyFudger Confirmed


    Doof Confirmed

    Degree Confirmed

    StaryKrow Confirmed

    Have significant experience and will be subjected to restrictions or denied. Some Players in this category will be denied as the player count determines.:

    Vin Confirmed

    Linkuser Confirmed

    Toki Confirmed

    Chowdie Confirmed

    Standartenführer Confirmed

    All approved players must post in this thread for final confirmation.

  3. Announcing the Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament, a unofficial Friendship is Gaming Thanksgiving tournament geared towards getting people's feet wet into competitive TF2, and just having fun. It will be a two day event on the 25th and 26th of November from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm Eastern time (subject to change due to server limitations). There are no entry requirements but there will be restrictions on those with prior competitive TF2 experience.


    The format and prized will be announced later, depending on player population. Formats will range from 2v2 (ultiduo) to 9v9 (highlander), depending on how many players, to maintain brevity, all teams will play a maximum of three matches.

    The minimum Prize pool will be a minimum of 10 TF2 Keys but will increase from donations, larger formats, and larger player interest.

    Experienced players will only be able to play on teams of limited experience and are encouraged to act as the mentor, leader and maincaller.

    All players must post in this thread or otherwise contact Duck directly to be confirmed.


    • All players must conduct themselves in a decent and sportsmanlike manner and will not spam, threaten, or harass any other participant. This rule will be enforced.
    • All players must be reviewed before joining and any prior competitive TF2 experience must be declared, regardless of time, league, or format.
    • Main accounts only
    • POV's must be recorded for all matches, failure to do so may result in a forfeit. If you need help just ask in this thread.
    • Teams will be assigned
    • All matches must be started within 15 minutes of the assigned start time.
    • Sub players are to be approved and treated like normal players
    • We will be using the appropriate global 6v6 and UGC 9v9 whitelists
    • Do not apply unless if you can play reasonably well on a NA server, probably Chicago or Dallas

    Due to the brief nature of the competition, the main punishments will be warnings, removal from the tournament, and complete forfeiture of the team.

    If you would like to join, post in this Google form with your Steam account, and UGC or ETFL accounts if relevant.

    Reply here with any questions.

    All information here is subject to change, this is our first time doing this so please be patient about any hiccups.

  4. This is a check to see if a Thanksgiving week newbies tournament for FiG would be feasible. The prize pool will be donated with no barrier to entry. Players with no experience but interest in competitive tf2 are encouraged to join but any level of experience is allowed. To ensure balance a system will be used to balance out the total amount of competitive experience on each team.


    The format and prizes will be announced if enough interest is shown. the tournament will probably be held on a day to be declared on Thanksgiving week of November in a double elimination tournament.

    This may or may not happen, depending on the interest.

    Reply if you are interested.

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  5. From what you're saying it seems like just a console that comes with a bunch of games predownloaded, which isn't different from current consoles aside from being pretty much forced to buy games bundled with said console.


    If you mean a system that intentionally restricts what games can be played on it, then brings nothing but harm to the consumer.

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