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  1. Well, this is kinda unexpected... So, apparently, we're having a second chance to win at our Fandom Tournament. (<- Please read that for information.) And we need to collect votes for My Little Pony, one more time. Here's the link to the new poll: The voting has already begun, and will end at 8pm UTC+7 (8:00c/6am PDT) March 20th. Our goal is the same as before: just reach at least 3-4k votes to have a chance to advance. Then whatever the result is, we'll be happy with it. Again, thank you very much. We'll appreciate any help we can get. Brohoof.
  2. Azure Stewart

    Need some votes for My Little Pony.

    To whoever read this and voted. Thank you very much!
  3. Azure Stewart

    Need some votes for My Little Pony.

    Guys, I need some help. Please read this. We're having this small "fandom tournament" on Facebook for an upcoming convention in our country, Vietnam. The tournament consists of 3 stages: Stage 1: Everyone can elect up to 3 different franchises, each with 4 characters to represent them, to compete in Stage 2 and 3. The 32 most voted franchises will be chosen. Somehow, MLP made it through. Despite being one of the less-known fandom here, and we're up there against a lot of popular animes, games, and such... Stage 2: Each day, 2 franchises will be up for voting on the convention's official Facebook page via a Poll. The poll will only open for 24 hours. Only the 12 most voted franchises overall will advance to the next stage. Winning/Losing the daily poll doesn't matter. We're currently in this stage. Stage 3: Same as stage 2, but it's now a knockout, and competitors will be the voted characters from Stage 1. The ultimate winner will have a life-size standee printed for attendees to take picture with at the convention. The voting for My Little Pony will begins at 8pm UTC+7 (So it'll be 8:00c/6am PST, I think?) today, March 11th. Yeah, the final prize doesn't really worth it. But, as said, My Little Pony is a less-known fandom in my country. This is a chance for us to shine, one last time before the end of G4. Who know how G5 will turn out and will we ever get another chance to even be in such events. So, we need all the help we can get. Our goal is to reach at least 3-4k votes to have a chance to make it to Stage 3. Then, we'll go down with the ship. Here's the link to the convention's official Facebook Page: You can check out the posts there for extra information, but they're in Vietnamese, and Facebook/Google Translation is... well, unreliable. Of course you'll need a Facebook account to vote. Creating one is easy and quick, and you can just forget about it after voting. If you could, please share this around. If we make it, we'll be very grateful. Many thanks for your time and help. Brohoof.